Hop on the train

This is just BodaWale doing big brother things. I am not an MTN agent/staff but ma fo. You can go ahead and queue at registrations centres. Be aware that I am submitting your names, MTN phone number, and NIN to trusted CCR at MTN head office. This is absolutely free, however, if you would like to buy the officer a cake and Energy drink, ask for akant on Whatsapp +2347020386956. If you do buy a drink for the officer, you would receive SMS when your NIN has been verified and updated on your records.

Before filling the form below, its noteworthy to quote the word of the Telco’s officer here

Y’ello MyCustomer┬«

Let it be known that pending when verification of the submitted NIN is completed through NCC/NIMC, the status of your NIN submitted is unverified; this means you might be required to visit again for verification/validation based on the outcome of the verification exercise.

Take Note Please!

You are welcome. Its big brother, signing out.