10 Adventures Every Man Should Have

10 Adventures Every Man Should Have 5
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Basically, it has been proven scientifically that an average man is bound to live a healthy and satisfying life due to the food eaten, exercise and adventures.

must have adventures

Yes! Adventures. They are not just ways of going on striking events, encountering risk or undertaking daring feats but rather a way of reducing pressure and a sort of mentally relaxing from your everyday lifestyle. Here are 15 adventures every man should have:

1) Visiting Foreign countries

This is not the normal trips or family vacations but rather when you go to countries that are not all tourist based. You are certain to find more adventures there than when you visit tourist based countries.

2) Engage in unusual sporting activities

Engage in sporting activities like sky diving, ice skating, bowling, surfing, sailing, mountain climbing, wrestling, car racing, and fishing. Most individuals do not know this but painting, drawing, writing and sculpturing are also intellectual sporting activities. Give it a try!

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3) Have a one night stand

Why live the same old boring relationship life of having to date for days or a week or month before you take your partner to bed? You can have a spontaneous one night with someone you just met as long as you old enough to do so.

4) Go clubbing

There is nothing bad in dancing out for the whole night with friends. Listening to the jams of the Dj while you attract the opposite sex to you. You just don’t know what may happen after.

5) Try a new food recipe

It is either you cook something new; a local dish or an intercontinental one. You can also decide to eat something you have never thought of before, something different from your usual

6) Go camping

Sleeping under the stars, watching the moon, the buzz of insects and the smell of outdoor. Doesn’t it sound exciting? Try camping.

7) Pick a lazy day

This is a very easy one. All you need to do is to switch off your phones and lock yourself inside the house. Just lying on your bed with a pile of junk and your television/ laptop right in front of you. Now, that’s what you call a lazy day indeed!

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8) Learn a new language

Many might find it boring. However it is not bad to learn a second language in order to be more exposed in your adventure. It helps you discover more about the world.

9) Get a domestic pet

It could be a dog, cat, donkey, horse, tortoise, and rabbit and so on. Not adventurous enough yeah? Wait and get one first.

10) Buy something really expensive

Spend your money on something dreadfully expensive and something you will like. You did feel good after.

11) Get high

Take a day to drink alcohol and smoke in order to calm your nerves. As long as you are responsible to do so.

12) Learn a new sex style

To be adventurous also means to be inquisitive. Go online, learn a new sex style to spice up you sex life. Won’t that be fun?

13) Carmel riding

Won’t it be exciting if you could ride on unusual animals like a Carmel, an elephant, zebra or even a giraffe

14) Picnics

Have a picnic at a garden or a beach in a summer afternoon or morning with either family or friends.

15) Make a video of yourself

Memories last long when you have something you could always refer to. Make a video of yourself in your happy moments.

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