10 Powerful Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon

10 Powerful Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon 5
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Lemon is quite the rage in the health, fitness and beauty departments these days. If it isn’t how to lose weight with lemon water, it is how to prevent wrinkles and clear dark spots from the face or how to stay detoxified and hydrated. But guess what? Lemon performs all these functions and more.

health benefits of drinking lemon

Lemon is a highly nutritious fruit that provides the body with the following nutrients and minerals when it is consumed: vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B6, niacin, folate, choline, pantothenic acid, calcium, magnesium, potassiums, phosphorus, sodium, selenium and zinc. So squeezing the juice out of this fruit and adding it in your water everyday will boost your nutrition, as well as, give you numerous health benefits. Here are ten powerful benefits of drinking lemon water:

1) Facilitates digestion

When you make it a routine to take lemon every morning, either with warm or cold water, you will discover that grunting in toilet becomes a thing of the past. As lemon water aids the easy digestion of food, it also prevents constipation and combats the buildup of toxins.

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2) Prevents kidney stones

According to medical experts, a regular intake of citric acid reduces the risks of getting calcium kidney stones. And lemon is a good source of citric acid, taking it with water works well in preventing kidney stones.

3) Neutralizes bad breath

Freshen your breath with a glass of lemon water every morning and after every meal. No one likes conversing with someone with a bad smell and to avoid having this odious experience, embrace lemon water. A dry mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria which causes bad breath, lemon stimulates saliva and water prevents your mouth from dryness.

4) Serves as a protection against damaging free radicals

Vitamin C is a primary antioxidant that protects the cells against damaging free radicals and lemons are high in vitamin C.

5) Reduces the risk of contacting terminal diseases

The vitamin C in citrus fruits like lemon fights against terminal diseases like cardiovascular disease,high blood pressure and stroke. So you could as well say that “a glass of lemon water a day, keeps the doctor away.”

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6) Balances the oxygen levels and calcium in the liver

The liver is one of the integral organs in the body that also needs your care. Taking lemon water helps balance the oxygen levels and calcium in the liver; it also strengthens the liver. Drinking lemon water whenever you’re experiencing heartburn would give you instant relief.

7) It is a powerful antibacterial

Taking a glass of lemon water would keep harmful bacteria at bay. One of the contents in lemon is pectin fibre, this is beneficial to the colon health and is also a powerful antibacterial.

8) Maintains your hydration

In order to stay hydrated, it is recommended to take seven glasses of water daily. Since water has no taste and drinking it when you’re not all that thirsty seems like a task; spiking up the water with lemon becomes a perfect solution.

9) Stimulates brain and nerve function

The high amount of potassium in lemons stimulates brain and nerve function. Bananas are not the only fruits that provide the body with potassium, lemons do as well.

10) Aids weight loss

Of course, too much fat is detrimental to the health and taking lemon water will go a long way in helping you shed off unnecessary fat and lose weight. The pectin fiber that’s abundant in lemons are known for their effectiveness in combating hunger cravings.

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