6 Habits That Ruin Skin Without Knowing

Do you know that there are some things you do that have harmful effects on your skin? These things that includes your mobile phone screen. Are you not surprised?

habit that ruin skin

You may be wondering why your face is full of skin acne. Or you may be wondering why your skin is not as smooth as you desire. The fact is you are doing some things that are ruining your skin, hindering you from having the smooth, soft skin you desire. What can those things be? Well, check below to find out those things you do that ruin your skin.

Not drinking enough water

Drinking enough water helps you to stay hydrated. Dehydration often makes your skin looks dry and dull. So if you have not been drinking enough water, you are causing some harm to your skin. Never forget that you are required to drink 8-9 cups daily.

Popping zits

Some people find this an exciting thing to do. They pop off any pimples they see on their faces. Honestly, this is not the best way to clear your face of pimples. By doing this, you can force bacteria on your skin, infecting it. You can also leave scars that will form black spots on your face for a long time. So you see, popping zits is not ideal or cool at all.

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Taking excess sugar

Some people are just addicted to sugar. They consume a lot of sugar every day. This is very dangerous. Aside the fact that excess sugar can lead to diabetes and obesity, it can also ruin your skin. How? Excess sugar can worsen hormonal acne and make it difficult for your skin to heal from inflammation. It also bonds with skin fibers, making them become stiff and wrinkly.

Not cleaning your phone screen

Do you know that your phone screen can be a breeding space for a colony of bacteria? In fact, your phone can have more bacteria than an office toilet seat. Now imagine the number of times your phone has come in contact with your face when talking on the phone. Also imagine the number of bacteria that your face gets from your phone. A lot, right? The bacteria can eventually cause rashes or skin acne on your face. So always ensure you clean your phone with a dry or slightly damp lint-free cloth. Also wash your hands always because your phone can get bacteria from your hands.

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Not eating well or skipping meals

Eating well is essential for the general wellbeing of the body. Not eating well or skipping meals will have a huge negative effect on your skin. Why? This is because your body will not get the necessary nutrients it needs to function. This will reflect on the skin. It means the skin will look very dry and dull.

Regular Hot Bath

Although this may feel great, it can cause serious harm to your skin. The heat can actually strip your skin of its natural oils, making it look dry and dull. If you want a bath, lukewarm temperature water is advisable. After bathing, wipe your body with a clean tower and moisturize your skin. Now, which of the above are you guilty of?

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