Beating Procrastination Once And For All In 20 Ways

Procrastination, when consistently done, can be very detrimental to life. Although, if it is done once in a while it is not a bad thing. However, it is advisable to not get used to it. If you are struggling with procrastination, here are a few ways to beat it:

beating procrastination once

Work On Impulse

If you channel your impulsion in the right way, you are sure to achieve great results. In cases where you have to do something and your mind keeps drawing you back, it’s time to kick in the impulsive mode. Thus, rather than sitting back all day and doing nothing, get up and get to work!

Setup reminders and daily to-do lists

You can keep track of your day by having a to-do list and backing it up with reminders. Setting an hourly reminder that you should be doing something should be very helpful. If you have a knack for motivational quotes, you can include that in your reminder. This is certain to gear you up to work.

Get a friend who motivates you to work.

Having a friend who has similar plans as you also does the trick. In fact, there is nothing as good as having someone who is on your side to make your goals a reality. This person acts as checks and balances. So that when you start to slip into procrastination, you have a friend who will pull you back to the game.

Be responsible for yourself

Make yourself accountable for your actions. A great way to do this is announcing your change publicly, anything in particular that will help make you want to do better.

Create something every day

Creativity never tires out. Thus, it is important that you make something for yourself every day. It could be photos, artworks, journals, etc. Just make sure that you are tapping into your creative side every day.

Be an Early Bird

Waking up early can be one of the best feelings in the world. This is because the environment is quiet and still and your brain is refreshed. Thus, there are higher chances that you will work better earlier. You can also have the time to focus on the big tasks and get a bunch of work done which would have taken more hours when the day is very busy.

Sleep On Time

Being tired is a motivator for procrastinating. Thus, its best to go to sleep early to avoid being tired in the morning.

Work as you go

A lot of people procrastinate chores. Rather than ignoring it, set aside an impulsive 15 minutes each day to tidy up. This includes chores or clearing things as you go e.g. email, then you have less work to do.

Reduce the number of times you watch Tv or On social media

Get rid of your cable. You can decide to go a whole month and not watch cable TV. Another distraction is social media. You may be checking out so many things that you will not know when the time is gone. So, It’s best to cut off or deuce these things. You will see how great your time will be spent afterward.

Just do it already

Stop making excuses and do the work. Rather than make up new ones, find a way to create time and get down working.

Schedule time blocks

In the case where you know some tasks are coming up as due and you have a lot of work to do on them, take out your calendar and schedule some time blocks. This will help you beat procrastination as well as set a time to work.

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Follow a task list

It’s tougher when you’re just doing stuff without having a list to work with. Thus, its best to have a task list that will let you in on when you have successfully achieved all your activities.

Time yourself!

If you take the time to discipline yourself when it comes to timing, you will be glad you did. For instance, you can set up 25 minutes to do a particular work and meet up the deadline. This allows you to do more work and reduces the urge to do things later.

Track yourself

One of the best ways to know whether you are actually not procrastinating is tracking yourself. If you like, you can download an app that helps you track your day-to-day activities. In such a case, you can easily find your weaknesses and work on them.

Have a thing for music? Create a playlist

You can beat out procrastination by creating a work playlist. This can help with putting you in the work mode and help you work faster as well.

Know your fears and face them

Most times, when we procrastinate, we are afraid of something. So, it’s important that you fight this fear and start working.

Be Mindful of everything

Be aware of what you’re doing all the time to beat procrastination. Also, be aware of your surroundings and use it to your advantage.

Set Daily goals

At the very start of the new day, set a handful of goals that you will like to accomplish. Make sure it’s not too many nor too less. Also, make sure you complete these goals before the end of the day.

Work less

Not procrastinating helps you have lesser things to do. A lot of people procrastinate before they want to do too many things at once. However, it’s best to just identify key projects and complete those ones first.

Don’t settle

Don’t just conclude that “you are just lazy” or that “this is the way you are”. It doesn’t have to be and you don’t have to let it be. You can beat procrastination. All you just need to do is try.


If you want to beat procrastination, you can do that by choosing any of these options. There is surely one that can work for you, depending on the kind of individual you are.

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