Bloggers Money: How Bloggers Really Make Money

Bloggers Money: How Bloggers Really Make Money 1
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Bloggers money article is a  child to the first article on Blogging for money series. And this is an explicit explainer on how bloggers make money.

bloggers money

Bloggers money is no longer a myth, though it still remain unclear to some people. Bloggers do make fortune through the revenue we generate on our blogs. When I resigned from my full time job to create more time for my platforms, it seems crazy. Some pals will still keep arguing that my business is not internet scam.

The reality is that bloggers money is way more lucrative than an average full time employment. This also applies to managerial position as an employee. In this article, I will do my best to explain the logic and the pattern. I will also try to be as brief as possible in order to save your time.

Whats Blogging?

If you read my cornerstone article on blogging for money, where I put it as “your public notebook”. Your blog is like your own public journal.

What is Bloggers Money

You will need to see a professional blog as a media outlet. A good comparison with Radio and TV stations in the form of text, images and videos.

In a simple way, blogger earn from readership, almost the same way TV and Radio stations does. Although, TV and Radio stations adverts statistics are not directly seen. A blogger will also have to be in a good stand to attract advertisers.

Bloggers Money Checklist

  1. Have a good design
  2. Quality and Skillful Contents
  3. Growing and keeping your readers.
  4. Apply for adverts

Good Design

Your website design gives the first impression about your blog. We all know that first impression lasts longer, sometimes, it lasts forever. Invest a good deal of focus on your website design. Employ good hands in crafting your blog interface. Every adverts company takes your user experience with great importance. Ultimately, it will either make or mar their own adverts interaction on your platform.

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Quality and Skillful Contents

Take your time to read how quality content serves as the ladder to your blogging career breakthrough. Writing with readability guidelines will put blog in good position to getting advert placement. Investing your time and/or money in publishing good content will be your greatest decision on this path.

What is bad content?
  1. Articles that are either perceived as auto-generated content.
  2. Copy and paste articles.
  3. Articles that are below minimum word counts.
  4. Publishing articles that readers can hardly understand.
  5. Or publishing articles filled with vulgar words.


bloggers money also revolves around your blog readership. Growing your readers are no longer hassle, especially when you have the funds to promote your platform. However, keeping your readers is what you have to keep doing as long as you intend staying on this job.

Growing your Readers

Social Network: Using the social network to promote your blog readership is almost the only way. You can share your articles with friends on all your social accounts including chat groups and channels. You can also pay the social network to promote your articles.

Email: you can also reach audience via email through free services like google’s FeedBurner. Also, you can use paid services like MailChimp and AWeber.

Direct: You should encourage family, friends, colleagues to read your blog often. Meanwhile, let your blog have reasons for them to visit. Also, you can paste any form of postal in your neighbourhood or school premises to encourage people to check it out.

Keeping your Readers

Thinking about the time, money, resources you put in use while growing your readers. But if you keep growing your readers without keeping them, you might find it hard to earn fortune from bloggers money.

Quality Content: Your content plays big role in keeping your audience. Put yourself in your readers shoes; you might bookmark or even tell your friends about a great article you read.

Subscription: getting your readers to subscribe to your blog update is a good way to go. This can be in form of email subscription. And can also be in the form of website notification or fan page notification.

Social Platform: Creating social fan pages, BBM channel, and/or telegram channel will go a long way. This avenues will also give you the opportunity of engaging them with giveaways competitions.

Applying for Adverts

There are many adverts companies out there with competitive rates to offer you based on their own set up. You can as well combine two to three different adverts types, inasmuch as they are not the same type.

Types of Adverts

Display Network: This is a javascript banner advert that automatically rotates itself. Bloggers either get paid by clicks or impression. Example of these companies are; Google Adsense, Yahoo! bing Network, Chikita, etc.

Content Discovery: These are native adverts that form a part of of your blog. They do not appear like adverts so they have higher chances of getting user to click them. They looks like a related article. This type of advert only pay per click. Examples are; Outbrain, RevContent, Taboola, MGid etc.

Affiliation: Directly marketing a product on your blog whereby you earn a commission on every sales that comes through your link.

Direct Banner: Direct banner is an advert that are given to you directly without any involvement of advertisement agency. You determine what you charge the advertiser. Albeit, depends on the volume of your readers.

Sponsored Content: This is an article you are paid to publish on your platform. The cost or terms is solely between you and the content owner.

Basically, you can use all the 5 types of adverts on one blog at the same time.


Bloggers money is a promising income contrary to some beliefs. You can make fortune from different sources of income on your blog. Also, you can become an established blogger within 3 months.

Talk to me if you are interested in trying out your luck on this field. I am sure to make it easier than you had thought it could be.

Finally, thank you for taking your time to read. I will gladly provide answer to your questions in the comment section. Have a nice time checking out other articles.

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