Coping and Managing Financial Resources in Recession

The announcement of a crash in the stock or international exchange rate affirmatively confirm a depression in the economy. What majority refer to as recession. Which is therefore seen as the worst economy in a geographical area and associated with a particular generation. Hence, recession refers to “a period of reduced economic activity”.

coping in recession


This is being caused in various countries. Through political, socio-economic and psychological phases of life in an economy. Considering financial borrowing and commitment by countries at an irresponsible frenzy which is not articulated used and underlayed. By the emotional and psychological aspects of greed in buying, loaning or borrowing without thinking of the payment.
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Coping and Managing Financial Resources in Recession 1

Secondly is to note that the bare of corruption and mismanagement in the system has contributed to the hardship. Also the dangers involved in borrowing from international financial institutions, such as;

  • International bank for rural development (IBDR).
  • International monetary fund (IMF) Paris club etc.

Signs of recession

Below are the signs of recession in a geographical area.

  • Galloping inflation at the geometric ratio of earnings to spending.
  • Show or non payment of debts and socio-educaional bills.
  • Improtantly is severe rate of job losses, numbering up to millions.
  • The decline of consumption rate and growth of products.

Further is to accept the recession period and it’s effect on the country’s economy. Also the socio-economic psychological effect on the citizens and the country as a geographical entity.

Ways out of economic recession

Coping with change

Coping with change in an economic system is to refer to former personal experience and asses with the current dispensation. Using the experience to analyse the internal changes in relation to the external changes and moving forward. Adaptation to situation by being thick skin or ability to adjust and conform with reality about changes in expectation. Therefore enduring in situations of changes can be useful in adapting to change.

Sayings and spending consideration

Saving is a caution to trying to think wisely before spending in a depressed. It  might be logical of keeping extra income or rational thinking of cost effectiveness items. Thereby in the modern tunes,  is to have interest on money saved from reducing the rate of spending.

Ways of saving

This includes;

  • Reality of buying an item and consideration of pros and cons of buying expensive items.
  • Creating tune to search for new items needed for sale or good items fairly used.
  • The visit to discount or secondhand shops for vital items. Also looking for similar that has the same functions or creating a non-compulsion of buying popular brand items.
  • Family spending on food and other items. Also cost comparative of buying and producing is essential.
  • Cultivation of a garden, raring of birds, goats, sheep etc to provide domestic nutrition is always helpful. Also, family discipline of cooking and teaching family members to cook goes a long way to reduce expenses.
  • Opening a savings account can help out with self determination on the usage.
  • Another aspect is getting out of debts.

Managing financial resources

Managing financial resources is the way and calculated process of living accordingly to a well-structured and planned budget. As a planned budget and in relation to the family structure, in a depression is to think of ways of;

  • Spending financial resources.
  • Saving financial resources.
  • Philanthropy spending.


This is to create and plan for a budget through the inclusion of each members of the structures. This is because of the commitment of each unit. It must be a periodical assessment so as to create, execute and accomplish the budget.. This thereby helps in checking recession.
The idea of a budget is to identify areas of essential needs in all aspects of life. Which ranges from food, education, infrastructure, medical etc.


It is an important role in budgeting and deposits of income. Accrued is necessary to allow for consultation and prioritizing items needed before sharing income for items. This phase emphasize discipline of not using the budget of an item for another item. It is a strict self-control discipline that will help limit excessive spending.


Therefore, managing resources in tunes of recession do focus more the ability to control the spending rate. Also improve savings to accommodate a balance with the tips of ways out of economic depression (recession).
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Coping and Managing Financial Resources in Recession 3

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