For Every Woman, These Items Are Compulsory

For Every Woman, These Items Are Compulsory 5
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Everybody belong to the game of looking, women usually win in this game. Although, not every woman likes make regardless of the outing. But some simple touch on your face will up your game.

women must have items

These items are important for your use and daily living as a woman:


Tissues are essential when a woman goes out. There are dusty places everywhere, and there are just some places which other people stain, and you just have to sit there! Annoying, right? So get your tissue out of your bag and wipe that stain off so you can sit comfortably. Also, if you’re the type with regular cold, you need to have your disposable tissue handy so you can clean up after blowing your nose.

Hair Products

Hair products are necessary for every woman in order to soften, grow or strengthen her hair. Your hair needs food, just as your stomach does, so hair products are important. Don’t begin to say “what gives? Petroleum jelly can double as my hair cream, no need for extras”. Of course, you can use petroleum jelly on your hair, but your hair needs more than that. Also, in the heat, your petroleum jelly may not be useful anymore because you’re going to get all sweaty. So, you’d need a hair product that won’t cause so much heat—you see that’s why you should have many hair products—selection is vital.

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Skin Moisturizer

Your skin needs to retain some form of tenderness, and many women are extremely conscious about their skins. You should have a moisturizer appropriate for your skin type. Sure, not all fingers are equal, so are skin types not equal.

Sanitary Pads

A must-have! Any day, any time, you never can tell when your monthly visitor would just say hi. Your work and stress could some times make you forget your cycle, and you may end up just going out with a safety precaution. There are cycle apps, yes, but if it’s almost time, get your pads mobile, and everywhere you go.

Panty Liners

It is known that panty liners are healthy for women. The discharges that you see on your panties just go straight to the panty liners, and your panties won’t get stained as usual. Also, they are not heavy, just light, and easily disposable. Beware; do not use them as sanitary pads. They are very much different. You don’t want to get seats stained, do you?

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Face Towels

You can get sweaty darling, so ensure you have your face towels. They should be more than one of course, so that you can drop the first in the laundry or wash it, and on the next day, you’ll use another one, and the cycle continues. This ensures your hygiene and neatness.


Deodorants make you feel and smell fresh. Even if you don’t have a body odor, you definitely need deodorants. While you have fun with friends, and get intimate with your lover, you need that fragrance to be there. It says a lot about you. Really, it does. More people would want to be around you knowing that your personal hygiene is actually there.


This is similar to deodorant, but different. Perfumes should be sprayed on your clothes, not your body. Preferably, it can be sprayed before you put your clothes on. Also, never use a men’s perfume, except you have such pungent body odor. Although, some women like men’s perfume, which is not bad. Though, the women’s perfume has a fragrance most women love.


Not every woman loves using make-up due to some reasons, but if you’re going out for events and conferences, you might just need a little touch of some sort. So, you MUST HAVE make-up.[/read]

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