How to Start When You Have Nothing

How to Start When You Have Nothing 5
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Your “fate” doesn’t lie on where you are presently. You have to hardworking, talented, skillful and smart to move up the ranks in life. Here’s a guide on how to start up even when you had nothing.

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Use Your Talent

You have a talent and you can use it to earn some money? Why don’t you use it? You have a great voice? Show the world your voice by enrolling in live shows or concerts so that you can get paid. People also earn from singing at weddings and big events for the elite in the society.

Apart from the payment you’ll get, people would want to encourage you with a tip, so get there right away! Do you know how to dance well? Train yourself and go for shows by entertaining them—you never can tell the kind of contract you’ll get when a manager is interested in such talent as yours. There are also certain free dance clubs around, salsa and hip-hop; why not try them out once in a while and connect with people of the same interests as you? You would do yourself good by both training yourself and getting to know some people in the industry.

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Get a Job                           

Fuel stations, restaurants, supermarkets, toy shops, phone stores, to mention just a few, all need sales representatives once in a while. You never can tell; one or two of these companies would employ you. This is because customers buy things from them every single day, believe it or not. Therefore, they need enough hands on deck for sales. They’d be happy you gained interest in working for them, and you’d be happy you applied there for a job because after having nothing, you started something.

Supermarkets are also great spots for you to get a job. You may start out as a monitor if they have enough sales staff, and you could be employed as a sales staff and even be promoted if you perform well enough. Restaurants are great ventures for you too. Once you can learn to cook whatever is sold there, you could later establish your own business making and selling the kinds of food you sold at the restaurant. Working is learning, so getting a job won’t hurt you at all.

Start a Business

If you can, please do. If you have the skills to make certain things like soaps, pastries or food, start it up. Many people buy basic items as these to survive everyday. Businesses are tough, but if you have nothing, you’ll need to set up a business that won’t require you to spend money on anything from the outset. Even you’re going to spend any money; it would have to be minimal.

Do Menial Services

Cleaning, babysitting, and the likes; try them out and earn some cash. Once accumulated and you can’t continue the job anymore, you could start up with item 3. However, it is not always easy starting up a business, so continue your menial services and ask for a raise if you know you’ve tried a lot and deserve more. Cleaning is a good service to humanity; don’t you just love it when places are clean? Even the road! You could volunteer to work as a cleaning staff in your community’s road cleaning agency in order to get the roads cleaned up. Trust me, this kind of volunteer work pays you, it is not free. So go for it!

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