Huge Discovery That Shook Me – My Real Story

The huge discovery

People of God, the bundles are actually 5 bundles of $100 notes. That 14yrs old Wale found $50,000 in cash, probably kept away by some thieves. You’r guessing I fainted? YOU ARE SO DAMN WRONG!

Faint ke, Adewale has always been double his age 😜. I packed my game and rushed back home and kept them under the bed. Nobody in the world knows about my discovery. I removed 1note the following morning and kept it inside my Mathematics textbook and head to my OAHS1 – as the BOSS they call me 😎.

6days passed and I kept it secret. I was definitely buying back some kind of lost happiness. I was so going to make the center hold again. And I was going to say I wasn’t useless after all. I was going to reclaim my voice and have my own choices. I was already rehearsing how the new world will look like and I promised not to chicken out and let myself down.

The waiting

Why the wait then? I don’t want to put my family into any risk of some rogues coming for us. I wanted to be sure nobody traced the money or me to the house. And even the $100 I put in my textbook was stolen the very first day I showed it off to my group in school.

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After 2weeks, I hinted AYdot – the most literate available and the one who led me to the 1st computer in a Cafe 😁. The first cupboard we called computer back then inside PREBOYE’S WORLD was my first personal encounter with a computer. Even though AYdot would later have to learn real computing from me, he is my Genesis.

I told AYdot I found 1bundle of $100 ($10,000) at so so place. Sharp boy had to keep his family’s share safe. He suggested its now safe to let mum in. But he was eager to see before believing. ‘AY mo m bo‘ I said as I entered into the room and brought out a $100 note for him to preview the reality.

The boom

Baba laughed at me and said ‘this is FAKE, very fake‘, I went back inside and took 1 bundle to AY’s room so he can believe me. I didnt think AY would play a fast one on me, I just thought he is not really sure. For the first time, I unwrapped a bundle and then we were both surprised; 3 fakes notes on the either side of the bundle and the rest are white 60 grams papers cut into size of a dollar.

AYdot, I actually have 4 other bundles inside. O ka mi lara gan oo

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Finally, it would be all fun if I end this last paragraph with “AND I WOKE UP FROM MY DREAM. It wasn’t any dream, 2 weeks bundles of joy turned out to be FAKE! Its still paining me right now, except that I am laughing so hard. Oh! I never tell my mummy till date. And this still remains the huge discovery that shocked me the most.

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