18 Interesting Weird Facts You Should Know About

18 Interesting Weird Facts You Should Know About 5
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Do you know that a lot of weird things have happened that a number of people don’t know about? In fact, some of these things happen around us; yet, we don’t know about them. Therefore, in this post, I will be sharing 18 interesting weird facts you should know about.

18 weird facts

I will split this list into four sections; The weird facts about human, animal, places and other things in the world. I really cant wait for you to see these things. Hang in there on your device and continue below;

Weird Facts About Humans

1) In 1923, a dead man named Frank Hayes won a race at Belmont Park in New York. Although he died of a heart attack mid-race, his body was still in the saddle till his horse crossed the line. At the end, he had a 20-1 outsider victory.

2) The first man to pee on the moon was Buzz Aldrin. He made this record in 1969.

3) Just like fingerprints, every person has a unique tongue print.

4) The man with the longest beard in the world tripped over his beard while running away from a fire. Eventually, this led to his death in 1567.

5) Do you know that the Romans used to clean and whiten their teeth using urine? Yes, it is a fact as strange as it seems to be!

6) During the Dance Fever of 1518, hundreds of people danced unexplainable for about a month in Strasbourg. In fact, a lot of people danced themselves to death.

7) In 1962, there was an epidemic laughter for about a year in Tanganyika (now Tanzania). This laughter affected a lot of people in a lot of villages. In fact, a school was shut down because of it. Furthermore, there were other symptoms such as rashes, crying, pain and fainting.

Weird Facts About Animals

8) Do you know female kangaroos have three vaginas? Confirm it whenever you stumble on any female kangaroos.

9)  The loneliest creature on Earth is a whale, who has been calling out for a mate for over two decades. Can you imagine that?

10) The northern leopard frog uses its eyes to swallow its prey. By retracting its eyes into its head, he is able to push food down its throat.

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11) A single mega-colony of ants exist that spans three continents. It covers a greater part of Europe, the west coast of the U.S., and the west coast of Japan.

12) In 2008, scientists found out that there is a new species of bacteria in hairspray.

Weird Facts About Places

13) Giethoorn, a Dutch village, has no roads. Instead of roads, canals and footbridges connect one building to another.

14) On the US – Canada border, there is an opera house. What is weird about this opera is that “the stage” is in one country while more than half of “the audience” is in another country.

Weird Facts About Other Things

15) The oldest condoms was discovered in a cesspit at Dudley Castle. To be more precise, the condoms dated back to the 1640s and were made from animal and fish intestines.

16) Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho was the first American film to show a toilet being flushed on screen.

17) The largest snowflake ever recorded is said to be about 15 inches across.

18) 17th century German scholar Athanasius Kircher designed a musical instrument made out of cats. It was called Katzenklavier (“cat piano”) and had a row of caged cats with varying voice pitches. The keyboardist played this piano by driving nails into the tails of the cats.

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