Life Principles to Live By Everyday

Life Principles to Live By Everyday 5
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Everyone has their distinct principles. Where as, these principles are mostly not “generally accepted” principles because every human has a different taste and perspective of life. However, there are certain principles that would favor every type of human being, and this will ensure good health, happiness and better understanding of life.

life principles to live by

Don’t Expect Too Much

Life is not rosy”—YES, cliché; but YES, do not expect so much from anything or anyone. Once you live by this principle, the good things that would come your way will surprise you and, trust me, good surprises are the best! However, if there is a bad outcome, you’d be like ‘I’m not surprised, what’s done is done’, AND YOU’LL JUST MOVE ON. That’s the best way to live in this terrible world where so many things go wrong.

Smile and Be Happy

Smiling is one good thing that will make you have good health.  Being happy will help you live longer. This is because once you get over challenges and look at the brighter sides of things, you would forget there was ever a challenge, and your mental state would be stable. Therefore, ensure you’re always happy with anything you do. Find solutions to problems, and if you can’t seem to get them or if no one is willing to help you, have this in mind “WHAT’S THE WAY FORWARD, AND IS IT NECESSARY I CONTINUE TRYING?”

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Do Not Keep Grudges

Grudges are horrible; learn to forgive people for their wrong deeds. If you keep on feeling the anger inside you, you may be hurting yourself. Just have it in mind that the whole thing isn’t worth the trouble, and your heart needs to be free form hate.

Try Everything

This is very essential, especially when you’re diving into a career to earn a good living. You need to listen to Shakira’s soundtrack in the animated movie Zootopia. This song helps you know that we all make mistakes in life, and you just need to ‘keep trying’, ‘make the same mistakes’, ‘start again’ and defeat that challenge once and for all. You cannot succeed if you don’t keep trying. Of course, historical figures like Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Edison failed so many times before they became successful and famous, but this is the truth actually. Go for that interview! Go for that audition! Keep submitting proposals and samples! This is your chance! This is your only chance! Move ahead, and don’t look back!

Forget About Impressing People

Stop impressing people; it’s not worth it in anyway. Your life belongs to you. Who cares about where you bought your clothes, or how many cars you have? As long as these people are not feeding you, they do not need to be impressed by you. Certain people live fake lives in order to show off or impress other people, but that is actually stressful. Live to impress your own self and your own life. If you have a passion to impress your parents, that is not a problem—you could do that too, provided impressing them ensures your own happiness. If that impression you’re giving them is fake, stop it right now—you’re hurting yourself even more.

Secret of Life?

If you have friends and acquaintances with your same passion, you will get to where you’re aiming at. This is because as humans, we learn from each other every day. Also, there is this quote in the Disney series “Girl Meets World” that says “the secret of life—people change people”, and that’s just the truth.

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