Unroot Android Phone with Few Touches

Rooting Android phone is just a way of “jail breaking” on iOS. The act that gives user the freedom to run approved program. Rooting android also grant the ability to remove those useless apps that comes with the phone. However, you might one day be in need to unroot android. In any case, I am typing this article to give you that solution.

unroot android

Why the need to Unroot Android?

Well that smart phone has become more smarty since you root it. You have been able to even change the OS completely. You are presently running all sort of apps that are not available officially. Therefore, why are you now looking for a way to unroot android. Meanwhile, if you don’t know, you don’t know. I will list three main reason why you will want to unroot android. And I will give you a very easy way to achieve that.

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Unroot Android to Restore Warranty

One of the thing you lost by rooting or jail breaking your phone is warranty. Yeah, you need to unroot your android before you take it back it to the service center.

Unroot Android to Run Few Secured App

Some application will just not run on a rooted phone. Although, this kind of app are very rare. In my own experience, I have only face just one application that will not run on my phone until I unroot my android. And that was ‘Drifta‘. ‘Drifta’ is a mobile dstv decoder for Windows, Android, and iOS. The decoder rely on the application to run. Unfortunately, the application will not run unless you are using unroot android.

Unroot Android for Stability

Well, excess of everything is usually bad. You have over used the freedom so the smart phone start lagging and unstable. You will want to unroot and may be reinstall a stock rom to get back in the original shape.

Download KingRoot below to Unroot Android

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Download and Install the application. Tap on the Root Authorization Setting and you will see Remove Root Permission. Tap on it and a confirmation message will show up, tap OK. Once the unroot process begin, wait for a while until you get a notification that root has been removed from your phone. Wait for the app to close and then reboot your phone.


In conclusion, if you are rooting your android mainly because of speed, then you can so unroot. I usually root my android, remove all the defaults apps, alter some auto start ups, and then unroot android. This way; I have a fast smart phone and also be able run my Drfita.

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