These Weird Laws Will Amaze You, Make You Laugh Hard

These Weird Laws Will Amaze You, Make You Laugh Hard 5
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weird laws

I came across some rare revelations through a thread of images today on a Facebook Page. It is, however, about some countries law that will make you wonder how they arrive at that.

While every law on this list is funny, some of them can actually be what we need on this planet. Going through this laws I see some making divorce hard to get. While creating a capital punishment for exam malpractices. Check out these weird laws across the world;

Don’t Fart in Public

Florida tops my list in making ridiculous laws. I still don’t know why and how they pass their laws. In Florida, USA, you can not fart in public once it is past 6PM. Therefore, you can actually do that from early morning till 5:59PM, lol. I can only wonder if someone once infected the State on an evening through fart. This law is definitely not for me. Oh my treasured fart, well, I don’t do public though.

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Divorced & Widow Can’t Sky Dive

Here comes another banger from Florida. There must be something with their laws always coming with active time frame. This particular law is only valid on a Sunday afternoon. Which says its illegal for a divorced or widowed woman to skydive. Yeah, only on a Sunday afternoon. But she can skydive on every other days and time except Sunday noon. What a time to be alive.

Don’t Forget Your Wife’s Birthday

The Samoan women must be very proud of their law. When your country makes it compulsory for your husband to always remember your birthday. If I happen to be a Samoan in the future, I will simply put my wife’s birthday everywhere; My phone screen, my passwords, lucky numbers etc. Continue Next Page by clicking NEXT below

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