WordPress Sites Comparison: The free vs Owned

WordPress Sites Comparison: The free vs Owned 1
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Hi there, you are here to learn more about the types of WordPress sites. Majority that are less tech-savvy only know about the free WordPress sites (wordpress.com). Where as, the real power of WordPress lies where you own it. This article intends to compare the two types of WordPress blogs. P.S. I already have my winner (laughs).

wordpress sites comparisons

WordPress Sites

More than two-third of the websites across the globe are WordPress sites. This includes all kinds of websites; company, social network, e-commerce, blog, portfolio, directory, polls etc. Yeah, WordPress’ framework is that powerful. My series on blogging for money is tied to the owned WordPress. Now lets see which is which.

Types of WordPress sites

There are only two types of WordPress sites, regardless of how much you put into transforming it.

Free WordPress: We have wordpress.com where it is run almost like blogger.com of Google. Albeit, totally different from the way google run blogspot.com .

Self Host WordPress (owned): We have wordpress.org; here is totally your own website that you have to build on a web server you buy for your blog or business.

Comparisons of WordPress Sites

I will be comparing the two WordPress websites from the following perceptions;

  • Cost
  • Domain and Sub domain
  • Liberty
  • Personalization
  • Functionalities
  • Monetization


WordPress.com basic is free, although with some optional upgrades to enhance access to some premium functions.

Where as, WordPress.org is where the WordPress framework, themes and plugins are being developed as website tools. You will need to purchase a web hosting plan and a domain name to host your website according to your size and taste.

Domain and Sub-domain

The free WordPress gives you a free sub-domain on their network to create your blog. Unless you chose to purchase a domain name from them or else purchase a domain mapping if you have purchase the domain else where. It is important to note that you can not have network of blog or sites on the WordPress sites since your blog is already a sub-domain (regardless of buying a custom domain).

The hosted WordPress on the other hand needs you to have your domain name. Also, you are free to create as many network of site on your sub-domain or another domain as you like. Example is having mydomain.com and blog.mydomain.com plus market.mydomain.com etc.


I hate limitations! One of the reason I work online full time is to avoid limitations. If you are looking to have a website that is truly yours; don’t look at the free WordPress side at all.


Talking about personalizing your platform to yourself. The free version of WordPress will still cost you money to further personalize your website to be close to what you want. As you are only able to use the themes they provide. So your website can not totally be unique in the ocean of WordPress sites.

When you host your own WordPress, you have all the customization at your disposal. You can get nice and simple themes here. As well as a total out of the box design that makes it hard to know a website is one of WordPress sites.


Functionalities is the major reason why a serious business or blogger will not consider the free WordPress. The stream of functions available the WordPress you own is not quantifiable. Plugins makes a lot of magic happen on website. I wrote article about installing plugins here. The free version of WordPress does not suppose the use of plugins.


Making money on your blog is my second tag line. Passion that does not pay will one day fade away. For passion to stay relevant, financing is crucial to its growth. Hence, you have to consider the monetary avenues available on this two WordPress sites to chose your winner. Although, the free offer you some way to make money from their own ads but you have to use minimum subscription. However, you will still not be able to use adverts network like Google AdSense.

Also, we can not disregard the functionality of Google analytics. Its most noteworthy to know that you can not use google analytics on a free WordPress regardless of how much you upgrade it.

Final Note

In conclusion, we can not disregard that everything has advantage and disadvantage. However, we weigh the two and chose a winner. This article should rather be “WHY YOU SHOULD HOST YOUR OWN WEBSITE” (laughs). Anyway, we need to understand that we do not have to monitor our website on the free WordPress like we do on the one we own.

Lastly, if you are just about writing or sharing content for fun. Take the free way, and anytime you want to add more seriousness to it, come the owners way. If you do have a question or opinion, use the button below to reach the comment section fast. I am EKIAA – and I am just here to help.

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