How a Man Can Dress to Look Taller

How a Man Can Dress to Look Taller 5
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Do you know that as a man, who is not tall, you can dress to look taller? Yes, it is very possible! You just have to know how to dress for your height.

men dress to look taller

In this article, I have provided some useful tips on how to dress to look taller as a man. Therefore, pay close attention to everything below if you want to dress to look taller.

Opt for Slimmer Fits

Yes, opt for slimmer fits! Baggy or loose fitting clothes are not appropriate for you if you want to look taller. They even make you look smaller like babies in over-sized clothes. Remember the 90s? Rappers like Tupac and Ice Cube looked smaller in appearance because of their baggy clothes.

Therefore, avoid anything baggy or loose fitting. Instead go for slimmer fits. The clothes stick to your body frame and tend to give the illusion of height.

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Roll Up your Jeans or Trousers

Sounds weird? Well, it is actually cool. If you roll up the bottoms of your trousers, you tend to look taller. Somehow, it makes your legs look longer as well as slimmer simultaneously.

You may think it is not a nice style to roll up the bottom of your trousers. Anyway, if you want to dress to look taller, rolling up the bottoms of your trousers will give you what you want.

Interestingly, it is even becoming a common trend for men to roll up the bottoms of their trousers nowadays. You will even find celebrities like Ryan Reynolds and David Beckham following this trend.

Don’t Go for Loud Prints and Colors

Loud prints and colors can easily draw attention to your height. Such clothes attract attention easily. Any one, who focuses his or her attention on you will notice you height. This will ruin your attempt to appear taller.

It is advisable to go for neutral colors. Such colors will help you to look taller than bright colors will. Tonal dressing is recommended for men who want to look taller when dressed. Maintaining the same color palette throughout will make you look whole and taller in the eyes of people who see you.

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Wear Accessories Higher Up

If you love to wear accessories as a man, wear your accessories higher up on your body. This will draw attention towards the top of your body and make you appear taller.

Anyway, try to keep jewelry to a minimum level. You may wear a ring or a necklace. However, make sure they are quite thin in structure. Why? Well, thick, heavy pieces of jewelry drown you and become too overpowering on your attire. This may then make you look smaller instead of taller.

Aside wearing your accessories higher up, you may go for a hat like flat cap or fedora too. You may also wear a pocket square. All these contribute towards creating an illusion of you being taller than you really are.


Dressing for your height is not as challenging as you might have thought. So do you want to dress to look taller? Now, you know what to wear. Just follow the tips above and watch the magic that would happen next.

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