Huge Discovery That Shook Me – My Real Story

Huge Discovery That Shook Me - My Real Story 1
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I am BodaWale, if you are here to read the story of my life, that would have to come to you as series or a a book. However, this huge discovery is one of the piece that cant be left out in that book – if I find a writer that I can trust with the flow. This is just an event that took place within two weeks when I was 14yrs old.

My big discovery that shook me

And if you wondered how a 14 year old would be able to lay hold on this kind of event as their greatest disappointment; I grow up earlier than my peers. I know real money value since I was 10 🙂 because I am usually twice my age ;-p .

The scarcity and hope

We lived in Bodija (Farayola) and water has always been a problem in that area, hence, we usually go water hunting since mum would let your food depends on it. One morning, I and my family-like neighbours went WATER HUNTING at a complex (now a school along OMOLOLA-IGHODALO DRIVE). Then, I found something! Something that could give me the power to fix the center that could no longer hold. Something that can unbreak the broken, that can make parted sea linked together again. I FOUND HOPE!

The unusable rubber

I am used to unnecessary drama in stunting with my flexible but undanceable body; climbing walls, practicing the mixture of the Taekwondo I learnt with the Martial Arts I watched on TV 😁. Well this particular day I was on the fence that separated the complex from the compound. That must have been very stupid on someone’s property.

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Inside one of the blocks, I saw a wrapped squared-edges Nylon 🙄. Fearless me reached for it and realized its huge than I thought. I struggled to pulled it closer and felt currency piled inside, ‘this must be like 5 bundles of whatever Naira denomination’. I am not letting anybody know, not even my own brother, ParaBOLA. At least, until the coast is clear and safe.

If anybody gotta know this, it must be after my thorough analysis and investigations. Hence, I left it discretely and rejoin the water fetching hunt. We got home and BodaWale rushed back to his discovery. Enjoying the story? Please navigate to next page to see what was inside the Nylon, I was surprised too.

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The real big brother, Boda Wale, I share things I hear, see, know, or imagine. Web/App developer at EKIAA.COM. An award winning bathroom dancer, Popsy Temileyi Zoe (by God's grace).


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