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This article intends to guide you on how to grow savings. Aside from that, you will be getting N1000 to start improving your saving culture. Also, you will stand a chance of getting up to 15.5% interest from your savings. As a big brother, my capital resolution is to help more people to be independent. So, here we go; (From the future, it’s March of the year 2023, Menku and I were talking about how this is still valid)

Although tech advancements have brought a lot of abuse to the world, however, we can not ignore the fact that it has brought a more significant portion of good to our world. There are PROS and CONS to everything. Indeed, tech is the reason why we can boast of living in a modern and more straightforward world.

This article might turn out to be lengthy; as I do not have a clear-cut plan for this piece. In any case, it will only do good to everybody who patiently follow this guide to grow savings. Meanwhile, have you read “Borrow Money Without Collateral in Nigeria“.

Personal Gift from me to you

You will get a bank account number when you successfully link you BVN (Account > My account settings > BVN settings). Send me this number or your mobile number linked to the Piggyvest and I will send a random gift to you.

I couldn’t sustain a good saving culture, because I am too sweet (not like in the middle in this case) to turn my face off someone in need. I even tried to open an account without debit cards, yet, I still ended up going through the counter withdrawal process. Albeit, I live a laptop lifestyle.

We all have the temptation to get what we long for, even if we have to take some/all money off our savings. In the end, like many other Africans, I will have to struggle for major needs; House/Office rents, hospital bills, education bills etc. Fortunately, I now save for these needs daily/weekly/monthly or any time I get some money to blow. And most importantly, I still get interests from these savings powered by PiggyVest.

Fun Fact

People now post their piggy save link to request for money from friends and family. For example, CLICK HERE ( to see my own piggy saving link that enables anybody to gift me money straight into my savings. You won’t have a headache if you test it by dropping N1000 for me. 🙂


PiggyVest helps you stop excessive spending by allowing you to save and invest money you would normally be tempted to spend. You will also be earning Over 10% Interests On Savings and up to 25% Return On Investments.

The registration page is just one short page that can be found by clicking here. To get cash gift of N1000, make sure you include promo code bodawale during registration on THIS LINK. You can then install the optional mobile app afterwards.

How does PiggyVest help me?

PiggyVest, though have different savings plans, disciplines you to only withdraw 4 times in a year. If not, you will pay 5% of the amount you want to remove from your savings outside the 4 times free withdrawals. This way, most savers won’t even bother removing from their savings when it’s not extremely necessary or targets achieved. I am now saving my yearly bills little by little into different target savings. You can invest in agriculture, transportation, tech, and stocks, among other available and rewarding sectors. Isn’t this a fascinating way to grow savings?

4 Features To Choose From to grow savings

1. Piggybank Savings

You can select from automatic daily, weekly, monthly savings plans to suit you. You can also save manually as fund comes, or on your own terms. Withdrawals are on restriction of 4 withdrawal days a year or any 4 days you set. This is, however, a voluntary disciplinary measure to grow savings. After all, you can withdraw as many times as possible.

2. SafeLock

PiggyVest’s SafeLock Works like Treasury Bills – Invest and grow your money in a flexible way. Put away funds for as little as 90 days to 1,000 days and earn over 13% annualized interest paid to you upfront instantly. I mean you get your interest the very day you save into the SafeLock. For example, I have 1million Naira cash, I lock put it in safe lock for 12months, they pay me N130,000 instantly while I still get my 1million naira in 12months or still take another N130,000 and leave it for another 12months.

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3. Target Savings

piggyvest target savings challenge; grow savings with piggyvest by

My favourite feature on PiggyVest. You will be amazed at different savings challenge Nigerians have created on PiggyVest with this feature. Reach your savings goals faster – Create multiple savings targets to accommodate all your savings goals and also get interests paid to you daily.

4. Group Savings Challenge

A simple group savingsYou can save towards a common goal with friends, family and co-workers. Everyone in the group also gets interests paid to them daily.

Is PiggyVest Secure?

Over ₦1,000,000,000 securely saved every month. PiggyVest uses bank-level security measures to keep your data safe. PiggyVest users save & invest well over a billion every single month, and we are just getting started.

How to Start

CLICK HERE to register for your own PiggyVest account.

piggyvest registration screen; grow savings with piggyvest by

Enter your details, create your password, enter bodawale if you see the space for referral or promo code, my promo code qualifies you for the bonus. Select online blog as “where you found PiggyVest”, if available. Then provide your account details for withdrawal purpose. Deposit any amount to activate your account; maybe N100, your money is your money, no hidden charges. Once you complete your registration, you can install the mobile app for ease of access, however, not compulsory.

BVN linking to grow savings

Lastly, you should link your BVN to fully complete your account set up. Also, you will get a Providus account number when you complete your BVN linkage. You can transfer a minimum of N100 to complete your account, which you can withdraw at any time. Finally, a good time to grow savings. Also, you can send me your account number or phone number when you’ve completed your BVN linking, I will send you a random gift, like the big brother that I am.

Need help to grow savings?

If you still need direct assistance or inquiries, you can chat with me on messenger by clicking here.

Wants to Appreciate?

If you think I have just blessed you with vital information that may reshape your life for good, you can bless me with a token from your wallet. If N100 is not too small, imagine blessing me with N10,000?

You can deposit any amount from N100 into my own PiggyVest savings by CLICKING HERE.

Bottom Line

Start a saving culture today to ease the struggling of settling bills and escaping loans. Get N1000 cash gift when you want to start to grow savings by using my promo code bodawale. PiggyVest is the company that is at the forefront of bringing back our saving culture. Also, they are making it rewarding with interests and cash gifts for starters. Begin your journey of a saver today. I wish you all the best in your saving journey.

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