11 Nigerian Roads Safety Tips Against Kidnapping

11 Nigerian Roads Safety Tips Against Kidnapping 1
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We honestly need to up our games when it comes to the Nigerian roads safety tips and precautions. Either you have a car you drive or make use of the public means of road transportation, you should read this through.

It has become something very daring to travel on Nigerians roads in recent times. This is largely thanks to the dangerous activities of armed robbers and kidnappers. There is no longer focus on any geo-political zone in particular. Rather, they just attack anywhere they fancy.

The reports of bandits, including foreigners, invading the forests on our roads have become part of our dailies. These bandits set up temporary camps where they carry out their nefarious activities. The very reason I am writing on Nigerians roads safety tips against kidnapping and robbery.

I have gathered from reports that they intermittently storm the highways from these camps and kidnap or rob road users. Some of whom they hold and only release in exchange for ransoms. These terrorists also defile and sometimes kill their victims. A very sad occurrence the law agencies are yet to find lasting solution to.

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11 Nigerian roads safety tips

Because of these, here are 11 Nigerian roads safety tips to protect you from kidnapping and robberies our our roads:

1. Vigilant

It is important to review your security measures regularly. Be vigilant at all times. This should not only be when you are driving your own car.

2. Avoid random help

It is really good to be nice at all times for no reason. But, if you’re driving your car, especially alone, don’t pick up random people on the road.

3. Secure yourself

When in traffic jams, even in your own environment or the traffic lights, be particularly vigilant. Always keep the car windows up and double check that the doors are all locked. Lastly, do not keep your valuables in sight. Criminals can go as far as breaking your windows at the sight of a worthwhile valuables

4. Avoid the nights

Unless it is a matter of urgency, avoid travelling when its already dark. Limit your night travel outside central areas of the city. Lastly, avoid roads that are quiet or roads that lack street lights.

5. The crowd can have traps

In your journeys, be extra careful when you’re visiting crowded public places. The same thing applies when attending events that have large crowds in attendance. Criminals often use these gatherings as cover for kidnapping and robbery. Is this also part of Nigerians roads safety tips? Oh yes, because those delays in crowded roads due to public events have been reported with car theft and kidnappings.

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6. The richer the danger

Nigerians with flamboyant lifestyle are frequent targets of criminals. Hence, be discreet in the kinds of gadgets or wealth you display in your car when on the road. You will be address the way you dress.

7. Avoid random cars or “Soole

If you are travelling by public transport, always go to the designated motor parks, rather than standing by the road to solicit for cheap or free ride from strangers. Note that taking cheaper alternative have higher risk.

8. Check restrictions and curfews

Endeavor to be mindful of restrictions and curfews that may be imposed on the movement of vehicles and persons. Do not be stubborn to the point of attempting to break any movement restrictions.

9. Watch your back

If you suspect, at any point in time, your vehicle is being followed, drive to the nearest place of safety; Like the nearest police station.

10. Have a company

You should also be careful when you are driving outside cities. It more advisable to consider travelling in a convoy. I am not referring to police or some escorts, it can be family and friends. This can make criminals hide in their shell when they feel outnumbered.

11. Keep that money away

Don’t move cash around, especially with the new cashless policy introduction. Avoid carrying large amounts of cash and don’t wear valuable watches, jewelries or items of obvious great value that could tickle the fancy of these perpetrators.

Final notes

These 11 Nigerians roads safety tips should keep you safe against kidnapping and robbery. It is important to know that these are mere tips to aid your safety. You should not in anyway bank on these tips to protect you at all times. Lastly, be security conscious at all times. I am the big bro, Boda Wale.

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