Being Broke Doesn’t Restrict Vacations

In my earlier post on budget traveling, I outlined some tips on how to go about traveling on a slim budget. Guess what? there’s more. Asides going with friends and making the most out of each adventure, what else could possibly be existing? Here are other tips on how to go about simple budget traveling:

going vacation while being broke

Take a vacation hostel job

This may seem like stress, but it is a lot of fun. Also, you get free accommodation when you work for few hours a day. So, you can get to stay for the period you want to for free. However, the only thing you have to do is offer your services as a worker. It also lets you save money and you can use it for other purposes.

Avoid expensive tourist sites, treasure experiences

It may be tempting but it is best to avoid it. Attractive tourist sites that are expensive take a whole lot of money from you. Instead, get solace from local art. Unless you’re a very good talker and you can find a way to convince the tour guides to let you in, avoid it. In fact, there are so many other places you can try that would not require you to be on long queues.

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Also, think about going for a fun vacation which means trying out new things and meeting new people. The truth is, these are very inexpensive. Therefore, make sure you enjoy every bit of the experience and forget about focusing on material things.

Book cheap visas and book in advance

You may need to chill out on some countries you have in mind especially when their visas are expensive. So, you should just try out countries that have cheap visas but very interesting sites. In fact, there are some countries that do not require you to have a visa as a short-term traveler.

Furthermore, you need to book in advance. This is because to get the best deals, you need to plan ahead. Also, you can plan your travel around off-peak times which means more cheap travel. You can use a VPN to book good deals online as well. When you use a different VPN, it will look like you’re booking from another place. Thus, through this, you can find way better options for deals.

Simple Budget Traveling: Do shopping around

While looking for flight prices, don’t just settle for the first few ones you see. In fact, this is one good reason why you should plan ahead. You can start to ask around or ask people who travel a lot what site they can recommend for cheaper flights. If you’re lucky enough and its black Friday, tap into it quickly and look for the right flight ticket. Your wallet is sure to thank you.

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Also, it is best to travel light to avoid the excess luggage issues. Just go with the few things you need and a good camera for memories. It also will help you stay away from your phone a lot since you will be discovering new people most times.

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