1 Powerful Tool To Succeed in Social Media Sales

Internet is an unbeatable large office/shop if there is appropriate strategy. Selling online or social media sales do not have to come at the cost of being a pushy person. Many people have become social media entrepreneur, albeit, majority have poor strategy. Hence, the inability to harness the power of the internet in selling. This article is not about how to start selling on social media, rather; how to really sell on social media without becoming a pushy jerkface.

Many people have been asking me this lately. Probably is dawning on them they are missing out something. After all the hustling, they still live everyday contemplating on giving up and finding another means.

I have been directly or indirectly involved in social media sales over 10 years. However, it seems to many people that I have relented or given up. The reality is; I simply employed approach that do not require I manually push to people. This way, I am able to have time to do other things.

1 Powerful Tool To Succeed in Social Media Sales 5

Why you are not really selling

The summary of your inability to sell is buyers’ distractions. You need to continually have approach that reduce distractions for your prospective buyers. Majority of social media sales do not actually happen on social media platforms. Yeah, they happen elsewhere with less distractions.

The most common mistake I have seen among socialpreneurs is just trying to amass huge fan base. They think; “Let me have followers like xo and xo, I will blow“. Oh well, some of them did get followers like the xo and xo but no reflection on sales. I mean, you can blow and still not make money.

How to Properly Do Social Media Sales

Social Media sales rarely take place on the platform, rather, it takes place on your landing page. You should by now know that your customers need to chat with you anytime they need to patronize you. If you are not available, they are off to another socialpreneur that is available at that moment. How about making yourself available 24/7?

Use Website & E-mail

Having your own website as landing page can never be overemphasized. Knowing what your website (e-store) can achieve for your business should make you want to get one right away. Have a website, grow your subscribers, build trust and watch your sales grow.

First and foremost, spending money and efforts on social media campaign without website is a temporary gain. Lets see what your website would be able to add to your sales.

Advantage of having website

  1. Organized Brand: A good website gives impression of a bigger brand and leads to more trust. Most importantly, your customers can see all what you have to offer without having to browse through many profiles on social media pages.
  2. Customer Retention: You have total control of your customers’ data. That is, you can market new product to them, send them offers, etc.
  3. Advertise Easier: Website is easier to advertise across many channels both online and offline. You can even advertise by writing stories around what your sell.
  4. Interact: Having a livechat on your website allows you to know when anybody lands on your store. You can see there location and also see what they are checking out. This is almost like sitting down in your physical shop and seeing someone checking out what you sell. You sure wont sit while the person just check and go. You know right, you can interact with that person. The icing on this cake is both android and iphone or laptop can all use the livechat applications. And the application can be configured to alert you when someone is on your store.
  5. Referrals: Awarding commission to people who help you sell will make your sales soar high. Friends and family can effortlessly help you in promoting your wares.
  6. Gift Voucher: And here goes the showoff. Gift voucher automatically help in advertising your store at the same time of making sales.


Lasly, we can never overemphasize the need for a website. The points above should be able to make you agree. Website, however is cheaper than the stress you put into recurring hustle on social media. Your hustle on social media will be more rewarding if you are pitching a brand that is reachable 24/7.

Before I end this article, I am a professional website developer and marketer with, now, over a decade experience. Check my portfolio here.

Do you have a question? You can write your comment or inquiries in the comment section. I am always here to help. This is big brother, Boda Wale, boom boom ciao.

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