Cockroach might kill you if you don’t do this 1 thing

Cockroach might kill you if you don't do this 1 thing 5
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If I am the one that comes across a title that says cockroach might kill. I will most likely not show interest in the humour. However, this is not a joke. One of my favourite Doctor online @DrOlufunmilayo shared some facts. These facts about cockroaches can make anybody a hunter.

Well, I do really hate cockroach. I can’t imagine feeling one landing or moving on my body. Oh! No. To be very honest, they make me shiver. This article will make you see a cockroach in a new but darker light. Most importantly, you will agree that cockroach might kill for real.

Cockroach facts

They can survive a week without their head. A cockroach can also survive 2weeks without water, yeah. And they can survive one month without food. Cockroach defecates and vomits on human food and they can trigger a severe asthma attack. Spreads bacteria that can cause food poisoning and typhoid. A cockroach might kill you if you don’t kill it first. One cockroach can produce up to 1,000 new ones in a year to torment your life.

Cockroach is actually capable of the very worst things you can imagine. They are capable of doing the things that should scare anybody. They feed on almost anything including fellow insects. They will eat your hair, books, sweets, meat, and anything you have in your household.

Disgusting animals

They are absolutely disgusting kind of animals. There have been documentary of some young cockroaches crawling oversleeping human beings, inside the ears, noses, and even opened mouths. Therefore, if there are cockroaches in your house and you sometimes sleep with your mouth open, a cockroach can stroll in for a kiss. What beats that at a disgusting game?

Imagine a baby or a person who is too old, too young, or too sick to brush them away. This has been seen in cases of neglect, abuse and abject poverty. So you may just walk into a house with a bedridden person and find cockroaches in their mouth. These disgusting things are known to eat human flesh- both living and dead. Extremely sad stuff.

Cockroaches are miles more disgusting than houseflies. Some cockroaches, especially in Nigeria, will go into soakaway full of shit and faeces; rub it on their bodies then come out through the pipes and sink to enter kitchen/cupboards and walk all over your food.

Agent of darkness

They are more active at night, they thrive better in dark, dirty and mostly smelling places. And then carry all of the germs, dirt, shit, faeces they pick up in their unfortunate trips. They put it all in our food. A cockroach can literally survive a nuclear bomb attack. Some scientists believe they existed even before dinosaurs.

While you are sleeping in a dark room, they can bite your eyelashes, your feet, your hands, scratch your body, eat your open wounds and even feed on a dead human corpse.

Bacteria vendors

I learnt that Cockroaches spread at least 33 kinds of bacteria. These bacteria include E. coli and Salmonella, six parasitic worms and more than seven other types of human pathogens. These E. coli and Salmonella are classic causes of serious food poisoning, typhoid and diarrhoea. Will you not rather be scared for your own life? Cockroach might kill you if you don’t kill it first.

Preventing cockroaches tyranny

Okay, now you know cockroach might kill you if you don’t wage war against them. However, the question on your head is what to do. The simple answer is to prevent the environment in which they thrive.

Clean up

  • Keep your tables, floors, cupboards and sinks clean and free of dirty/unused utensils and old newspapers.
  • Clean your dishes, food crumbs and oil spills right away once you cook.
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Secure storage

  • Never leave your food out. Always store your food in airtight containers even if it is pet food.
  • Storing up food in nylon bags and sacks like garri and rice is NOT the best for you. These idiots can eat through the sack and ruin that food for you.


  • Seal gaps & cracks in floors, walls, and openings around or inside your cabinets.
  • Also make sure that you seal all openings around pipes, plumbing, and spaces under the doors to your house and kitchen.
  • Run hot water in spare bathrooms and little-used sinks from time to time.
  • Try to always check your bag and your children’s school bags when they return home.
  • Also, always check your shopping items before storing them.

If despite all these measures, you still have a cockroach problem at home, contact a pest professional for assistance with elimination and prevention.

Take the war to them

If you don’t kill cockroaches, they will multiply and torment your household. They will give you diseases year in year out. Squash with slippers, smack with a broom, boil in hot water, spray with an insecticide or even kill with a gun.

Employ whatever means you can to get rid of cockroaches, but don’t ever ignore. Cockroach might kill you if you are being nice to those silly creatures.

And when you catch one in your toilet bowl, don’t just flush- it’s a waste of time. They survive underwater and flushing them to a soakaway is like sending them for a baecation.

Final Note

I hope that as many that read this will start killing cockroaches and keep your homes safe. These thugs that come in and pay no rent are capable of dark things on your health. Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, do the world a favour: Kill a cockroach today.

Finally, anytime you go to your friends’ house and sight a cockroach, as a show of love, kill a cockroach. When you visit your partner, as a show of love, kill a cockroach. Wherever you go, and you find one cockroach, please kill the idiot. Just kill it. Remember, cockroach might kill you if you don’t kill it first.

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