Double Android Applications on just one Phone

My need to run double android applications will elude you unless you are in my field. If you work where you have to manage multiple phone just because of an extra account, then you will see reasons. Imagine Buying two smartphones because of an extra WhatsApp account. After reading this article, I am pretty sure you might not be worrying about more phones.

Double Android Applications

Need for Double Android Applications

The reason why we usually need multiple smartphones are; additional phone number(s) or additional account for one or more of our productivity applications. Although, I personally can not use a non-internet phone. Therefore, I will only require a smaller smartphone if I need extra phone for calls only. If you wonder why, its because of phone book syncing. The question is “How do I achieve this?”. My answer is a virtual machine, laughs. Hold on a bit…

Double Android Applications with “Parallel Space”

Parallel Space android application let you clone any application on android. This let you run multiple accounts on one android phone. You can either clone an app on your device or install in incognito mode. Also, you should also understand this app works like a virtual operating system. Hence, any app that require a google account will ask you to sign in just like a new phone.

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The application is available on google play and you can also download it from APK MIRROR if you don’t have a google play on your device.

Cloning Apps

This let you copy the application you already have on your phone. You do not need to login to your google account to be able clone application on your phone. Simply launch the app and then click on Add (+) to select all application you would like to copy into two places.

Incognito Installation

This option allows you to install application from the google play store without initially being on your phone. This is handy in case whereby you want a business app you don’t want to associate with your primary google account. Also, you can use this when you just want a bit of privacy to a particular application on your device. Simply launch the app and the click on Add (+), then select the “INCOGNITO INSTALLATION” tab. Then, you can search for any application on play store.

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I really can not call it its shortcomings, but you see any disadvantage is a disadvantage. What I will see as the shortcoming of this application would be your phone itself. You should be aware that running many apps can affect your device performance based on your device configuration. Therefore, the need to only clone apps that is necessary; its not a something to catch fun doing. If you have a sophisticated device, you might be able run almost all your applications in two places.


You sure know it can’t get better than this. You can now drop 1 or 2 phones out of those 4 phones. With this piece, you can invest your money into an high grade phone rather than an average multiple phones. Now you know you can you multiple WhatsApp on one device.

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