Tips On Eating The Organic Way On A Budget

Truly, you practically want to be a lifesaver. You’re concerned about doing the right thing for your life, your health, the world and your family. However, it seems like every green choice you make is expensive. Even Kermit the Frog once famously said, it’s not that easy being green.

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A study by Consumer Reports on organic foods shows something interesting. It states that on an average, these foods cost a lot. It is 47% more than conventional versions of the same foods which are grown using synthetic pesticides and herbicides.

However, prices vary widely with the specific kind of food you want. For instance,  the organic zucchini of one store costs four times more than its conventional one. However, other foods such as maple syrup and honey may be cheaper when its organic.

Thus for smart shoppers, you have a very good opportunity.  All it takes is making careful choices about where you shop and what you buy. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of eating organic without making too big a dent in your personal budget.

Organic Eating: How to Shop for Organic Food

I’ll be honest with you here. If you’re on a budget, you need to plan well to eat organic. Sadly, you cant just toss organic foods into your shopping cart. Rather than waiting for a shocker, it’s better to start thinking of the organic foods you would rather buy. When that is figured out, the next step is finding the right deals. This can be either you buying it in bulk or finding stores and brands that sell it at cheaper prices.

Understand the organic eating Labels

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The first challenge of most organic shoppers is finding out which product is organic. One way to spot products like this is to look out for the country’s agricultural seal. For instance, in the USA, you can look out for the USDA seal. It is from the Department of Agriculture in the U.S. So in the instance where you see the label, know that it means the following standards:

Organic Eating: Animal Products

For animal products, have this in mind. To achieve basic welfare and health standards, animals are well cared for.  These animals obviously had access to go out. Also, there are no traits of antibiotics or growth hormones and are fed 100% organic feed.

Organic Eating: Plant Foods

This means that the plants were grown without synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge or prohibited pesticides. They also are not modified genetically and have not been irradiated.

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Organic Eating: Processed Foods.

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Generally, at least 95% of the material in the food comes from organic plant and animal products. You need to know USDA is not the only system with a claim over organic food.  In fact, in the research by Consumer Reports, there are over 120 different claims that can be on food labels. some of which include:

Some of the most common ones include:

Cage Free

The website of The Humane society claims that products with this label have healthy hens. Mostly kept in barns,  animals have enough room for space and movement. This is walking about, creating nests, stretching their wings. This does not mean they have access to outdoors.

Certified Humane

This system makes sure animals killed have the most painless death as possible.  Also, they follow strict rules for animal welfare. For instance, the animals kept indoors must have enough space to move around with.

The products with labels like this meet the same standards as USDA Organic products. The only difference is that the farms that produce are not under the supervision of the USDA. Neither have they been certified by them. Another difference is, unlike USDA, these programmes have stricter standards for animal welfare. However, they are less demanding about record keeping.  Other programmes include the free range and the fair trade.

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