Yes! You can Borrow Money Without Collateral in Nigeria Within 1 Minute

Yes! You can Borrow Money Without Collateral in Nigeria Within 1 Minute 5
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Are you in a financial mess or stuck in a dire financial situation? Do you need where to borrow money without collateral? This article is specifically for you. Either you need money to pay rent, complete or start a business transaction, you have multiple options too chose from.

A client of mine once send money for a project from oversea. It will take 2 business days for the payment to clear in my Nigeria account. Of which, the tool required for the project have a deadline for 45% discount. I mean a whole 45% discount. I do not have enough cash and collateral-free loan came through for me. The 15% interest on the loan still could not put me at loss. I will always advise the quick loan options inasmuch you know what you are doing.

The advent of technology has brought a whole new game to the process of securing a loan. Gone are the days where only people with properties apply for loan. Now we get to borrow money without collateral, even in Nigeria.

It is important to note that some people put themselves into depression by getting quick loan they can not pay back. Therefore, before getting a quick loan, make sure you have, at least, two clear cut plan of paying back. By the way, have you tried blogging for money?

Where To Get Loan Online in Minutes

There are multiple companies offering quick loan online. They allow you borrow money without collateral. These companies run quick checks against your BVN to decide if and how much you qualify to get. I will be listing the few ones I have firsthand experience below;

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1. KwikMoney

The first on my list is kwikmoney. When you think of a really quick loan option, think kwik. Kwikmoney is an instant loan service provided by combined banks, mobile network operators, and technology companies.


Goto and follow the simple process to get your first loan. You can also dial *561# from an MTN line (not tested with other network providers).

Duration & Terms

Kwikmoney will run check against your credit history and determine how much they can grant you from the start. The earlier you pay, the higher the amount they grant you. Kwikmoney interest rate is 15% for 14days loan, and could be as little as 5% when you refer other users. Failure to pay back in 14days will attract full interest and late fee charges.


Your mobile number is the only requirement to borrow money without collateral from Kwikmoney. In my own opinion, this number should be the one on your BVN. However, you can use any of your mobile number too.

2. RenMoney

Borrow money without collateral from RenMoney

RenMoney can borrow you loan up to Four Million Naira (N4,000,000) which must be paid within 12 months.

Borrow up to N4m and receive money in less than 24 hours.


Apply online from their website Your best bet is visiting their office in person to get an higher loan.

If you do not get favourable response from RenMoney, do contact me via whatsapp by CLICKING HERE.

Duration & Terms

RenMoney can grant you loan up to 12months with interest from 10%-49% depending on the loan amount and duration.

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RenMoney will require your business/home address verification. And might require your direct bank statement of 6months.

3. FairMoney

Borrow money without collateral from FairMoney

FairMoney grant loan to Android users 🙂 only. I don’t know why they do not have alternative means to apply though. They will, however, grant you up to N150,000 quick loan without collateral.


Simply download the FairMoney App from PlayStore. Where you can get loan in few minutes and pay back at once or pay in installments.

Duration & Terms

Loans range from ₦2,500 to ₦150,000 with loan term durations of 4 – 26 weeks. Also, the equivalent monthly interest ranges from 5% – 28%. There are no additional fees for processing your loan or hidden costs.


The only requirements are facebook account or phone number and your BVN. Inasmuch as you have these, you are few minutes away from a loan.

Cant You Run Away With Quick Loan?

Oh! Darling, do not attempt to be on the run as a defaulter. Well, unless you do not care about your name and that of your family. Kwikmoney claim to send sms to all your contacts about being on the run. Therefore, just borrow what you can return without putting yourself and your family in a bigger messy situation.

Final Note

Lastly, if you are ever in dire need for a quick loan, here are the ones I can guarantee to come through. Although, there are many options out there I have not been able to try out. I do not know who need to read this line but DON’T YOU DARE RUN. Get loan when on a rent, tuition or bills deadlin. Do not get loan to throw a big party 😆.

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