Get FREE Luxury Ride In Your Cities up to N2500

You can definitely get free luxury ride next time you are going out. Big brother 🙂 is here again to give you that Boss arrival in that party, church service or meet up. May be you are like me, jumping buses and bikes to my destinations until I start arriving like a boss courtesy of Taxify.

Your arrival would be cooler if a cool ride drop you off at your destination. Even if you have your own car, its still much cooler being dropped off like a boss. You don’t have to hustle for parking space, traffic stress, or your car security. What’s more cooler here is being dropped for free.

Bolt (formerly Taxify) is a tech transportation company available in some cities around the world, including 5+ Cities in Nigeria; Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja, Owerri, Benin and some Ogun state cities close to Lagos (Sango Ota, Arepo, Ibafo, Akute, Agbado). Bolt matches Rider (passenger) with closest vetted driver on their platform.


Bolt’s protocol makes it safer for the passengers than the drivers (partners). They manually run background check on the driver, verify their driving licence, inspect their cars and make sure they go through their training to enhance relationship with riders (passengers).


In this part of the world, where security is more of a nightmare than illusion, our fear is limitless. My friend in Ibadan once declined my free ride offer because of kidnappers. In real sense, it will require a very high level of stupidity to kidnap someone when the company have your personal and car details. They also have you pickup, destination and live locations. Unless the driver run mad on trip, he/she can’t kidnap a rider.

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Rider’s Responsibility

You have to make sure you are with the right driver by verifying his face, name, car model and plate number. You shall safely arrive at your destination. You can also share your live trip with friends and family via whatsapp or sms. They can watch as your car keep moving. This means plenty eyes on you while your driver convey you to your destination.

Getting the FREE luxury ride

CLICK HERE to install. Once you have installed follow these simple steps;

  1. Signup/Register using your phone number, any name you prefer and any email address. N.B Your email address is where you will always get your ride receipt. They don’t mind if your email is incorrect.
  2. Tap on the PROFILE PHOTO ICON to open MENU and select PROMOTIONS
  3. Enter VMJPJF in the promo code box
  4. Tap APPLY and boom you will receive free N1000 (previously N2500) for your FIRST RIDE ONLY.
  5. Select or enter your PICK UP address and then enter your DESTINATION. You will see an estimate of how much it would cost. Then tap on REQUEST. You will see the driver and his car and you can see them as they move in REAL TIME.
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N1000 First time faqs

If you request and complete a ride of N1000 then you have used up your N2500 because its a FIRST TIME PROMO. In the case where your TRIP cost N2800, you will pay N300 since you have promo of N2500. DO NOT PAY DRIVER WHEN YOU ARE USING YOUR CARD/PROMO.

TIP: If you wont be staying more than 10minutes, you can ask your driver not to end the trip. This will let you go to your next destination or return back to pickup location. This way you will be able to finish your N2500 free luxury ride.

Always enable your phone location in order to enhance ease of entering the address and destinations.

Final Note

Bolt is a cool way to move around your city, its cheaper than the traditional taxis offers by Makanaki and ESIKAY. You had be getting more promos from time to time aside the first free luxury ride.

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