How My Bank Savings Give Me 10% Interest Monthly

Don’t be too harsh on the headline, that is absolutely true. And to make it more unbelievable, this is from a very popular bank in Nigeria. I am saying a smart banking that gives you 10% interest on your money every month. Oh yeah, you read that well, gaining up to 10% by saving in your bank account.

I am a fan of anything smart, secured, and smooth. If you know me at all, you know I like the Orange bank. However, this is not about my favourite bank but a smarter way to bank. Especially when its a smarter way to make more money by saving in your own account.

Although, there is a bit of money motivation in writing this sponsored article. Trust me, I had to test this for a while so that I do not fall my own hand. Money doubling is real after all, just not the way Ponzi schemers have been painting it. You will do well to read to the end, you can not possibly regret reading this piece. Remember these; 10% interest on your savings, no paper work, smartest banking, free ATM card to your doorstep and much more awaits you.

Update: When you use my code to open your account and saves, at least, N500, you will get N200 gift or airtime or data.


Wema Bank – as in WEMA o! I was surprise too – launched the first fully digital bank in Nigeria, arguably West Africa. Where you can open an instant account or a full savings account without going to the bank or fill any paper. They are the first bank to utilize the power of your BVN. Hence, you are not required to fill any paper work or bulky forms. On top of that, I was given a CODE that encourages me to always guide anybody on how to make their savings increase by 10% every month.

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Anytime I go to to the cinemas, I use this account to buy my movie tickets. Here is the plus; I buy at discounted rates and do not have to be forced to pay for popcorn as the common habit on blockbusters. Wouldn’t you rather try this out?

And its name is ALAT!

Yeah, ALAT is the first fully digital banking in Nigeria. And I still believe it to be the first of its kind in West Africa. Let me save the story. I want you to see it yourself to know the real deal. But before I give you my CODE, I had like to tell you whats up. In anything you do, just remember to use my code I will provide that later.

What kind of account can I open on ALAT?

With photos of your face and signature, you can open ALAT lite account. This account is restricted to a balance of N300,000, a single deposit limit of N50,000, and a daily spending limit of N30,000. But, when you upload photos of your government-approved ID card and a utility bill, your account will be upgraded to a standard savings account without these restrictions.

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Smartest ATM Card

Your ATM card is totally free of charge and it will be delivered to your door step unless you request to pick up at Wema Bank branch. Also, you can easily change your ATM pin, or lock your ATM anytime you wish. You can also withdraw on any ATM without a card (cardless withdrawal). 🙂

Lastly, for those who shop online or travel, say bye-bye to $ account. Full ALAT account can give you access to VIRTUAL DOLLAR CARD that you can use to shop online and pay at POS worldwide using bank rate to buy dollar.

Security Concern

Oh well, its one of our oldest banks. All transactions use two-step authentication (pin and OTP). Also login alerts are punctual.

How to Signup

Start by installing ALAT app on your phone or tablet from Google Play or the iOS App Store. Android users can download it at the end of this article. Once you have done that, you will require your phone number, your BVN and your date of birth to complete the process.

Why BVN?

Your BVN is needed to protect your account and to save time by automatically fetching the personal information you provided when you registered for a BVN. You will receive a six-digit code by text on the phone number and email connected to your BVN. Type in the code and click ‘Next’ to continue.

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The final step

To complete your account opening, type in your email address, set a new password (a good password is a combination of letters, numbers and symbols. E.g: “Mypass12#“). Now, pick a security question and provide an answer you’ll remember easily. Then input 8BXLBW in the referral code before ticking the small box next to I agree.

That’s it! Congratulations, you can now use your ALAT account. Contact me by dropping a comment or using contact form, to teach you how to earn 10% on your savings. I can not guarantee if you don’t use my code 8BXLBW in the referral code before completing the account opening.


ALAT Digital Bank

Open an account in less than 5 minutes. – Schedule transfers, save and pay bills automatically, get your ATM card delivered to you anywhere in Nigeria free of charge and get up to 10% interest on your savings.

Size: 81 MB
Version: v2.6

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  • Akintunde Akinode says:

    Please I have an old account with Wema, can I still open this?

    • Purple connect says:

      Our native banking is different from our digital banking. so you can go ahead and open ALAT account today

  • Gbedu Man says:

    Oshey! baddessssssst. +10 on ur respect brova

  • Princess Awele says:

    First, thank you. But I need to clarify two things. I can see interest accrued, what happens if I need to spend part or all of my money.

    • hi Awele, I replied your email. But you know you can always spend your money right? And that depends on your target.

    • cmon man you should know this stuff.

  • Hope this is not another Ponzi scheme?

      • It’s not a Ponzi scheme sis. It’s legit.

    • Yosoal, this bank is one of the older bank in Africa, banks can not do Ponzi scheme

  • What of those who already have an account with Wema Bank?

    • Hi Duke, your Proper Wema Bank account does not count against your ALAT Account by Wema… This is Digital way to bank

  • This is a very good idea.

  • Akoh Joseph says:

    The part I find interesting is the $ account part.

    • Olufemi David says:

      You read my mind bro

    • Oh yeah, being able to have a dollar account without stressing to buy at the black market.

  • Eniola Ajao says:

    I will have to try this.

    • I guess it’s real tho

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    Haha this is brilliant!

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  • Yea I really didn’t feel like taking much time to do this.

  • This will definitely help people out.

  • I will surely open this we make money together.

  • I sign up right now. Let’s see what we can make.

  • Simple method I’ll give it a shot, thank you for sharing.

  • Aina Cole says:

    It’s pretty easy they don’t have much requirements.

  • Awesome tutorial, Thank you very much!

  • I will be sure to leave a shout out after trying this out.

  • Oghene Karo says:

    Hi, I’ve just started to attempt this.

  • Guys, don’t ask stupid questions, just try the method first.

  • Please can I get a review?

  • Thank you for actually putting the time to explain how the system works.

  • Nice post and I feel it depends on how much drive you have to make it happen.

  • Memunat Yunusa says:

    Reading this is already giving me confidence to try it out.

  • Ademide Ige says:

    I’m still impressed how the admin take so much time to help others here.

  • Somtochii says:

    How do I start to earn 10% on my savings. Have registered with your code for the alert banking

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