6 Types Of Students Existing In A Nigerian University

6 Types Of Students Existing In A Nigerian University 5
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Being a Nigerian university student, I have had diverse encounters with different students on the campus. I have come to realize that lifestyles of students vary greatly. I will be highlighting the types of students and their varying lifestyles in a Nigerian university.

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The Dressers

These sets are easily noticeable. You see them and wonder if they spend all their allowances on just clothes. They walk about in the finest wears like they have a personal shopper and a stylist. The ladies put on expensive clothes and their shoes and bags would likely worth a fortune and they make use of expensive human hair. The guys would have a fashionable haircuts, clothes and glamorous foot wears.

The Socialists

These ones have friends in all the departments, know everything going on in the nooks and cranny of campus and attend all the parties throughout the semester. A couple of them attend class too but probably not as much as they attend social activities. Most of these ones also engage in social works like being DJ making their social life to improve. I remember vividly, while sitting at a restaurant having snacks in school with some other ladies at another section. Couple of their friends came and started discussing about a party coming up in few minutes and within a twinkle of an eye, they all shouted, ” Let, go there”!

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The Cooks

These ones could cook for the whole of Africa. They probably cook as if they are practicing for the world chef competition , if you look at it very well. From class to the market, then to the kitchen and the circle goes on. Sometimes, they even come to class with big flask containing food.

The Complete spiritual Ones

A typical Nigerian student would called these sets,‘The Spiricocos’: Though, this might not be found in an English dictionary.These sets of students have lifestyles that no one can miss. From hostel to Class, then to Church, and back to the Hostel again. That is how it goes from semester to semester until they graduate. If you stayed in the hostel, then you must have met these ones who pray fervently from dusk to dawn, of which i do encounter often times.

The Dedicated Readers

These particular ones move from class to the library to the quiet reading spot to the reading bed to the reading toilets, bathrooms and in almost all corners they found themselves. Nigerian students normally named them “The Efficos”. Also, different schools have different names for them like the scholar and jackometer. Sincerely, they read and read and make other students feel intimidated. In addition, these ones answer questions in class and sometimes, they end up asking the lecturer a tasking question because they must have covered almost all the syllabus for the semester.

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The Versatile Students

The complete students possess almost, if not all, the qualities. These sets cook, attend church, read, dress a lot and are sociable. Meanwhile, they do not allow one to affect the other and therefore, balance up their lifestyles.


Finally, I have been able to highlight the varying lifestyles of Nigerian university students. I believe every university students should try to balance up by being a versatile student. This is because a university is termed an institution of higher learning. Therefore, every good lifestyle of being a complete university student worth a degree should be properly incorporated.

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