Sticking To Your Year’s Resolutions Till The End

Everyone has a way of easily proclaiming a new year’s resolution. However, do you have a way of sticking to it? If not, then this article might just guide you through.

sticking to new year resolutions

First, See It as a Goal

Transform your new year’s resolution into a goal you want to achieve for that year. Lay down your plans for each month. Ensure these goals are measurable, achievable and realistic. If your resolution is not realistic, you don’t have to go any further. Change it to something realistic and achievable. If you keep chasing facades, you may never get to stick to your new year’s resolution. So, see your resolution as a goal and put it on the top of your priority list.

Write It Down Everywhere For Ease of Reference

Taking notes is essential. When you take down notes of your plans or even idea, you tend to remember these plans once you see them again. Therefore, since you clearly have other aspects of your life you may need to focus on, you would have to write your resolution on different platforms. This will help you not to forget about it. Design an image with your resolution written on it.Save the image as your home-screen on your desktop. You could also write it down on a large paper and paste it on your room wall. Another very good approach is to write it down in your diary, workbook (a section at the forefront), or journal.

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Hang Out With People with Similar Goals

The best way to get people to inspire you is to hang out with them, follow their social media accounts and talk to them heart to heart. This is because as soon as you see them achieve part of your goals, you’ll be motivated to make a move with yours. Also, once you tell them about your resolution, they’ll keep reminding you or asking you how far you’ve gone with it. This way, you’ll have it in mind that you owe someone somewhere an answer by making a move. Even while you have no other option but to admit that you haven’t done anything, you would still have to work towards starting something. Also, you can see these people as potential competitors. Once you have that in mind, you’re going to work hard, not even to beat them, but to stick to your new year’s resolution.

Your Resolution And Nothing Else!

When a person loves a particular thing, profession, course, item or another person, there would be nothing else on the mind of that person. This is applicable to your new year’s resolution. Once you need to change something or start doing something in the New Year, you must fall in love with that thing. It must be your motto and your stronghold. You need to see it as the only pillar that will improve your character, profession, financial life, emotional, medical, spiritual, and any other aspect of your life that your resolution is involved in.

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