5 Ways Busy People Make Time To Read

5 Ways Busy People Make Time To Read 5
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Some of the busiest people in the world are also very good readers. In all honesty, reading inspires your creativity and helps you grow an understanding of complex problems. In addition, it grows you intellectually. What’s fun about it is that reading is a very relaxing activity. So the question is how do we make time to read?

busy people find time to read

A lot of news reports and articles that come up every day states that people are reading less and less. A study in 2004 revealed that the average number of books read in the US per year is 12. Then, the median value is usually only five books. If you intend to beat this very sad statistic and increase the number of books you read per year and make time to read, then you should keep reading. Here are five tips to help with your reading:

Borrow so many books. Even more, than you can read

If you enjoy borrowing books from the library, borrow more than you think you can read this time. When you have physical books piled up in your house and you know you need to return them, it will ginger you to read more than you may have actually planned to.

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In the case where you’re a digital reader, download a load of books in your e-reader. So, you always have a mass of choices right at your fingertips that you’re eager to read.

Read more than a book at a time

So many people prefer reading traditionally, one book at a time. However, a lot of others benefit from working on several books at a time. There are some books that are more suitable for reading at night. For example, fiction. Other books like non-fiction are more suitable for reading during the day.

Set a goal per reading session

If you don’t know how to read big chunks of text at a time, then it’s best to set reading goals per session. For instance, you can challenge yourself to read 50 pages before putting aside your book. Or you plan on finishing a chapter before moving ahead to your next task  Make sure to set the bar a little high every day. Reading a little bit more than a day before will add up to reading more books on a yearly basis than before.

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Ignore what you “should” be reading

It’s more advisable that you read for your own pleasure and education. Don’t put yourself under pressure by forcing yourself to read the things the world believes that you should be reading. If you read based on your own interest, you will find that you’re making out more time to read out of excitement for the book or the topic.

Practice speed-reading

Teach yourself how to read faster. That is if you intend to read more in a short amount of time. There are so many techniques for speed-reading in which you can get yourself trained. These techniques include grouping the words instead of reading it word per word. Also, forcing your eyes to move more quickly by moving a ruler or pen across the page. You can also hold your breath and try finishing a paragraph at that time. In fact, this technique suppresses sub-vocalization, which is our tendency to hear the words we read in our mind.

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