How I have been Living the Laptop Lifestyle

How I have been Living the Laptop Lifestyle 1
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Living the laptop lifestyle has been my major source of income for about 5yrs now. Let’s not say it’s my only source of income; should you be planning to give me a big job, lol. Anyway, this article is about how I have been surviving living the laptop lifestyle. I really can not tell how long or short it will be. Neither will I be able to tell how boring or exciting it will be. Let’s do ourselves one favour, just read through. By the way, you can learn how to live the laptop lifestyle here.

laptop lifestyle

Whats Laptop Lifestyle

You can best understand the hustle when you see the ones claiming to be working online. Online? What? How? These are the questions I always have to find simple explanations for.

It is becoming so much that I want to resign to saying I am currently unemployed. But then, it will amount to another sort of questions on how I am living comfortably. More so, if they consider how I switch between two smartphones and a WinPad, their conclusion will be worse. Because I will most likely fit into their idea of internet fraudster, laughs.

Living the laptop lifestyle is working online to make living. If you are into scamming, and you are about justifying yourself, sorry is your case.

What works then?

Personally, I blog, design websites, create applications and also take some freelance jobs online. Some of freelance jobs I take are filling surveys, testing products, or content developments among others. I will be breaking them down in the subheadings below.

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I blog

Obviously, the rate at which the blogosphere increase in recent years should speak something to you. Yeah, blogging is a very lucrative passion. Yeah, you read that correctly; passion that pays. Imagine writing all those your ideas or some tips you share freely on social media and then make money. Almost all the works you can do online can come through your blog. “Read about how to make money blogging here” and also check out “how bloggers really make money“.

I design website

If blogs grow in numbers, so does the income for web designers. Some bloggers redirect as many as 20 other bloggers to me. If you start writing some stuff on your blog and then start making money, you will want to put your siblings on this field too. I think I am not so wrong on that.

Aside from making money from bloggers, business nowadays are easy to promote through the power of the internet. A smart business owner will have a website and let their website scream on their simple complimentary cards. This is one other sure way of getting some cash. Some of these business owners will keep me within their reach by paying me monthly salary as their IT consultant. I might never go to their place of work, whereas, we are yet to meet after working for 5 years.

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Creating applications goes inline with web development. Therefore, I need not venture into escalating that further.

Freelance Jobs

A quick visit to FREELANCE website will give you an idea of how numerous jobs opportunities that are open to freelancers. Although, my case is different since I own blogs in different niches. I simply take on freelance jobs related to my field. Like I mentioned earlier; writing content for other bloggers who don’t have time to write – although I also employ writers since I have multiple blogs.

Likewise, I take on some freelance marketing jobs online. Some of these include writing creative article about a product, referring people to buy products and so on. Also, on a few occasion, companies request to send me a sample of their product so I can write a review.

There are other freelance jobs like filling out survey and make some bucks. It’s good to note that you can’t really make any fortune filling survey. Filling out surveys is something you will abandon once you start making money from blog or other things online.


I have been living the laptop lifestyle and I have been able to take myself to some countries that I wish to go. I have two countries in mind for next year, winks.

Living the laptop lifestyle is no myth that needs to be sought. However, it requires knowing what you want to do. Knowledge is power. Also, I do not need to tell you to be hardworking, yeah?

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