Google AdSense Application: Applying with 98% Guarantee

Google’s AdSense is a program by Google that let publishers in the Google Network of content earn money. However, Google AdSense application can turn out to be an unending effort if you lack the rudiments. This is due to the fact that you have to meet Google’s requirements.

google adsense application

Google Adsense Application

Google adsense sure attracts alot of application due to their large network of advertisers. Meeting Google’s standard of what a publisher should be is paramount. You will most likely end up on the rejection side if you keep applying without do the needful. Most Publishers, especially the newer ones, tend to believe Google Adsense Application involves some secrets. Hence, they source from the market. I mean, they source to buy an existing adsense account.

Do I sell Adsense Account?

The answer is a straight NO! I do not sell Adsense Account, but I can only help you in getting your own account. It is quite risky to buy an existing adsense account.

Hazzard of Buying Google Adsense Account

Many of my clients keep asking me what’s wrong in buying existing adsense account. My answer is straight forward, you will lose it on the long run.

Think of it this way; If I reject your proposal and you find your way to get inside by disguising as another company, I will end up  kicking you out when I discover this. Google checks existing websites time to time if they maintain compliance. Therefore, they will warn or kickout any bad egg in their network.

Adsense Standard Checklists

The checklists below are what works for me even on numerous new domain names. Some people might skip some of this and stil get approval, but here I’m talking about 98% chance.

  1. Website design (look, navigation, google analytics, search console)
  2. Important Pages (about and contact info, privacy policy, cookies consent)
  3. Quality Content
  4. Some traffic

1. Website Design

Firstly, google will check the user friendliness of your website on different devices. Its advisable to use a responsive website design. The important factor is that your website renders correctly on all types of device.

Also, make sure your webpage is easy to navigate.

Also, employ the use of google tools like google analytics and search console. You can read how to set up you GOOGLE ANALYTICS here. Using google analytics helps google understands your visitors especially when its a new website. However, personally do not see the necessity of Search Console when I am not particularly looking to rank. But, why would anybody should not to rank?

2. Important Pages

There are pages and there are important pages. Google needs to know you are a real human being. They also needs to know your users can reach you in case of something regarding your website and its contents. Hence, the need for ‘ABOUT’ and ‘CONTACT’ pages. However, you can actually make both pages into one; An about page can contain contact form or info.

Also, having a PRIVACY POLICY PAGE is a must. Its most noteworthy to know that this is a common page where plagiarism penantly is not effective. What I am saying in essence is that you can copy my own privacy policy and edit it to fit into yours, bingo!

3. Quality Content

I need not stress this again. Anybody can create content, why should google consider you for a copy and paste blog? Yeah, you need to learn to create quality content. You should also read the importance of quality content.

Having 40 quality contents can guaratee you a spot on google network of publishers. However, if you fulfil everything on this page, and you happen to get rejected for insufficient content, simply add more content.

If you have multiple categories, make sure each categories have at least 5 articles each. Even if you have 100 articles and one empty category, you might end up with INSUFFICIENT CONTENT.

4. Some traffic

Do not think I am talking about thousands of traffic here. If you maintain minimum of 100users daily for about a week, you smile at your Google Adsense Application reply.

Your social network friends and family should be enough to get this done. The trick is to create some nice informative contents.

Final Note

In conlusion, google adsense application is not any myth, hence, no need to seek. Having a nice web deisign, important pages, quality contents and some traffic will take you to that gigantic network of Google Adsense.

If you need further clarity, you know what to do right? If you are new here, just contact me or comment. I’m EKIAA, I’m just here to help.

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