Backup WordPress Site: An Hassle-free Automated and Remote Backups

Backing up your website is one of the core security of your website. Backup WordPress site in order not to lose your website on the long run. Hence, I will recommend an automatic remote backup that’s arguably the safest and easiest.

backup wordpress site

Need to Backup WordPress Site

I wrote an article on permanent website security, and one of the best way to secure your website is having a very reliable backup. Website security is an ongoing process, hence, prevention is better than cure.
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Backup WordPress Site: An Hassle-free Automated and Remote Backups 1

At a point in time, your website guard might be down. It could be as a result of your mistake or corruption of your files. The only stress-free way to get back right on track is restoring from your recent backup. Therefore, having an automated backup for your website is very crucial in your guard.

Ways to Backup WordPress Site

Literally, we can backup automatically or manually. But that would be referring to the modes. But the ways we can backup are split into three; local server, local storage and remote server.

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Local Server

This is far the most common ways to backup website. It can be performed manually at any time likewise automatically at any given time.

For example, you can use the app installer (e.g softaculous) of your website to configure backups or click backup manually. This kind of backups will be stored on the same account.


Although they are not stored in the publicly accessible folder, but, an hacker/malware can still win on that too.

Local Storage

The only difference between local server and local storage is that you make a copy of the backups to your storage device(s). E.g You make a download of the backup archive to your computer or mobile phone devices. Albeit, it suffers big shortcoming. 


Imagine the backup file is 35GB (which is 35,000MB). You will agree with me that it will take time and money to download and greater time in case of restoration. Lastly, it can easily went missing, corrupt, or mistakenly deleted.

Remote server

Backup using a remote server is definitely the safest and the easiest way to backup WordPress site. Especially when you can configure the backup to run automatically. Yeah! A remote storage that happens without my attention.

The common approach to this is buying another web hosting account purposely for backup. However, you will still be responsible for safe guarding it on such remote server.

Smart Remote Server (The winner)

The smartest approach is buying a one time plugin that can help you in storing your backup in secured storage drives.

What plugin is smart to backup WordPress site?

This plugin created by MyThemeShop. The developer of simple and powerful wordpress tools that I respect. I mean, I really respect them any day.

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This remote backup tool will also backup to your local server. Also, you can configure it to delete the copy from your server after transferring it to your google drive and other cloud drives. Lastly, you only need to configure it just once.


You can get this Powerful Backup Tool here. You should thank me later please. It cost some little money to purchase. I am very sure its worth every penny.

Last Note

I mostly make use of this same plugin to perform no offline transfer of website since I can restore on another website.

Finally, if you know of any other tools, kindly let me know so I can check it out. See you on another articles (smiles).[/read]

Backup WordPress Site: An Hassle-free Automated and Remote Backups 3

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