Phishing and Spamming Can Rob off Your Website Reputation

Phishing and Spamming Can Rob off Your Website Reputation 1
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Phishing and spamming can totally steal your website away from you by tarnishing your image. However, you might not even know your website is carrying out this malicious acts. You should read this if you are not using the free website.

phishing and spamming

Whats Phishing and Spamming

Phishing and spamming are not the same, even though both of them aim to tarnish your website reputation. I will first explain what they are;


Phishing is it the act of pretending to be a reputable organization with the sole purpose of collecting vital information like; email and passwords, credit card details etc. This usually make use of a replicate of website design that resembles authentic company. It is a capital offence that might totally render your website inaccessible. Users will get a warning message on their browsers. Anti virus will also stop users from accessing your website once it get to a blacklist level.

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Spamming is simply the act of bombarding people with the message they do not solicit for in their email. It is usually commercial message or persuasive message to many people with the same content. However, the recipients do not have to mark the messages as spam because there are alot of spam tools nowadays.

There is also spam comments and reactions which comes from bots.

How Your website engage in Phishing and Spamming

Like I said earlier, you do not have to be the one carrying out these malicious activities. Nonetheless, you will be the one to lose your website. These malicious activities usually comes from an insecure scripts or a compromised script on your website.

Black market

Design your website with black market tools opens you to security hazards regardless of your security measures. Its better not to expose your website because of some money that you can just pay off. Many of those black market themes and plugins includes malicious codes that the vendor will utilize later. Hence, your website start this malicious activities unknowingly to you.

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Your website can also be suffering a malware attack. This attack could be from accessing your control panel from a malware computer. Also, by installing a plugin or theme that has malware.

Prevention against Phishing and spamming

Taking safety precautions online is something you can not do away with. You can not be nonchalant regarding your website unless you hire a security company for it. I wrote a more detail explainer on SECURING YOUR WEBSITE which covers this prevention.


In as much as you find it important to protect your bank accounts online, your website security is that much important too. In all that you get, get understanding. Out of all that you manage, please, always back up your website.

If you had like to make a suggestion or correction about this, I will embrace that. Hit the comment section and I had be waiting on the other end. I am EKIAA, and I am just here to help.

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