BBM Custom Pin Contest: $1200 up for grab in November

BBM Custom Pin Contest: $1200 up for grab in November 1
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Hey there! BBM Custom Pin Contest is here to part away with $1200 in a November to remember. I think this contest will be of great interest to a lot of users especially in North America. A contest you have nothing to lose. Meanwhile, you might want to have double BBM on your phone, check out this article.

bbm custom pin contest


Announcement of this great event came directly from BBM. The BBM custom pin contest will run for 3 weeks starting November 6th to November 26th. However, the contest will have three segment by week. Hence, First week runs from November 6th till November 12 while the same goes for the remaining 2 weeks. Each week will have different theme. This week theme is “why you chose this PIN


To participate in this contest, you will have to either sign up for bbm or update your bbm to the latest version. With the latest version of BBM you can select custom PIN which will then be added to your bbm pin.

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P.S. BBM Custom Pin is now totally free of charge. Meaning BBM no longer charge anything to get a custom pin on the messenger.

Its most noteworthy to understand that you do not even need to share your custom pin to stand a chance to win.


Each segment which runs for a week will have four lucky winners. Each lucky winner will go away with $100 USD. By the end of the third week, which is the final week, BBM would have given away $1200 to total of 12 lucky winners.

Final Note

So, rush to get your pin before someone else own that superb pin. You will agree that pins like “John-BBM” will go quickly, init? By the way, my own custom pin is EngrKIAA and you can also join my new blackberry channel by adding or clicking on this c00287315 or c00287315 on your BBM. Catch you later.

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