Payoneer Bank Account in USA; Own Yours with $0

Payoneer Bank Account in USA; Own Yours with $0 1
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For someone who carry out transactions across borders; I value owning a bank account in The United States of America, Canada or UK. Hence, the need for a Payoneer bank account. This is simply because they are faster, reliable and trustworthy. Meanwhile, if you cant wait, OPEN AN ACCOUNT NOW.

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Payoneer Bank Account

Payooner is a financial company in New York, USA that has been offering online money transfer and payment. Payoneer specializes in making smooth payment across borders with superb low charges. Am I praising them too much? Nah! They are the messiah when it comes to making or receiving payments outside of your country. Can’t wait?  OPEN AN ACCOUNT NOW.

How to Open a Payoneer Bank Account

Opening a Payoneer account is quite a simple task. CLICK HERE TO OPEN AN ACCOUNT NOW and be up and running within few hours. However, Payoneer will require that you use your real details and Identity. Why would you use fake Identity to house your money online anyways.

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If Payoneer approve your account, they automatically open a bank account in USA for you. You can however request additional bank account in UK, China etc. Also, any payment you receive in the bank account will reflect in your Payoneer account.

However, only companies can pay into your physical bank accounts. Do not get me wrong, you can accept payment from anybody in the world to your Payoneer account. But the physical bank account is for companies payments only. They obviously do that to curb or reduce money laundering.

Withdrawing from Payoneer Bank Account

Oh yeah, someone is already wondering how they can cash their money when they are not in the USA. For me, this is the most awesome part. It’s like the icing of the cake. Your Payoneer account comes with a regular MasterCard in your name.

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This MasterCard is usable for all ATM, POS or ONLINE transactions. However, it comes with an annual fee of $29. Basically, you should not be using Payoneer just for Showoff. This is not your regular local bank account. Furthermore, you can withdraw your funds to your local bank account. Now, that’s the real deal for those that are skeptical about the ATM rates in their country.

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How to Get Paid with Payoneer Bank Account

Payoneer allow you to manually bill your clients/customers using just their email address. They will receive a link to pay you using their credit/debit card. Your payee do not need to use Payoneer account.

Also, you can receive earnings automatically from agencies worldwide. Many affiliates networks now make use of mass payment option on Payoneer. These agencies includes Google, Taboola, Outbrain, Mgid, Amazon etc.

Who need Payoneer

In a very short way; Everybody online. If you offer any job online, or sell anything online, you will prefer Payoneer account to any other way of receiving funds. Bloggers and affiliates need it more than anybody. Also, freelancers on websites like Fivrr makes use of this payment method to receive their earnings.

Contacting Payoneer Support Center

You can contact Payoneer Support using this link. They offer email, live chat and phone support. I bet their support is better than many physical bank in sub Saharan Africa.


Payoneer bank account let you have a bank account in USA or even in China. Meanwhile, you should really consider if you need it or just for showoff. Trust me, it helps me with smoother, faster and safer transactions online. Therefore, OPEN AN ACCOUNT NOW.

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