Free Contact Backup; Never lose a Phone Contact Again

Free Contact Backup; Never lose a Phone Contact Again 1
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We’ve all been there, at least, once. Loosing our mobile phone along with the phone contacts that could cost us fortune. Hence, the need for a reliable and free contact backup.

Free contact backup

Free Contact Backup

How about a unified phonebook that sync across devices? I mean how about a free service that let you use one phonebook on all your internet devices. A free contact backup that happens automatically such that you will not worry when you change your phone or lose it. I am talking about google contact. Yes, google phone book backup and restore.

Why I use this free contact backup

I live the laptop lifestyle, thanks to technology that made blogging a career. I use an Android, an Iphone, a Tablet/Laptop which I can make calls on all of them. But thanks to google contacts, I only need to save number of any of the device and it will get over to the other one, almost, instantly.

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Advantage of using Google Contacts

First and foremost, its the totally free of charge as long as you have a google account. Secondly, the most popular operating system, ANDROID, is a google product which needs a gmail account to use some functions. Therefore, makes it a one short for two birds on my android device.

My mail for windows and iOS can also sync contacts from google. Thus, it makes it very simple for me to use one phonebook on all my devices.

Contacts Merging is one the icing on the cake. Google Contacts can help you merge duplicate contents so you wont have double numbers.

Finally, unlike sim card contacts, I can save multiple numbers, address and other details into just one name. That is sweet, isn’t it?

How to make use of Google Contacts

On whatever device you are using, just save your numbers on your gmail when your device ask you where to save contacts. Meanwhile, you can move or copy your existing contacts from your sim to your gmail contacts with few tap on your device.

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Final Take

In conclusion, although google contacts is totally free of charge but your carrier will charge you for data usage. In whole truth, the cost of the data is not significant. I have over 1000 contacts and its not even up to 0.01MB including the contact photos. If you have challenge using the google contact, you know what to do. Just ask!

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