Payoneer Funds Withdrawal: Local Bank, POS and ATMs

Payoneer Funds Withdrawal: Local Bank, POS and ATMs 1
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I wrote few days ago about “opening a Payoneer US Bank account” from anywhere in the world. Meanwhile, you can OPEN AN ACCOUNT NOW. In this article, I will write on how easy Payoneer funds withdrawal can be. Indeed, withdrawing your funds is as easy as your local bank account.

payoneer funds withdrawal

Payoneer Funds Withdrawal

Payoneer is a finance company just like your local bank account. You can receive money clients from anywhere in the world. Most importantly, as a blogger and freelancer, I receive automatic monthly payment from companies. However, people are asking me question about how easy they will get their payment in their countries. And here goes the answer for all that are curious;

Payoneer are not paying me for this article, but its very easy to cash in your money anywhere in the world. Although there are multiple options, I prefer the withdrawal to bank. Also, you can withdraw on teller machines and on POS. For somebody who move across countries, I am in love with Payoneer flexibility.

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Payoneer funds withdrawal on POS or Machine

The most common way to withdraw cash from your Payoneer account is through the debit card on an automated teller machines. This method is available to anybody in any country where Mastercard is valid. Using your debit card on a POS to make payment is totally free of charge. But withdrawing on ATM machine charge at least $3.15 per withdrawal and the charge some machine might display before dispensing cash.

In my own experience, I have made withdrawal on machine that debits me additional $4 per transaction. And I have make use of many machines that only charge me the $3.15. However, this is not something particular to a country. My withdrawal in United States of America and Nigeria has always been the flat rate of $3.15 withdrawal. Whereas I have paid additional $4 on just two machines in Ghana, Benin, and Kenya. Its important to know that Banks like UBA and Fidelity in Ghana only charged me flat rate of $3.15 per withdrawal.

Finally, its very important to know your account balance before making a withdrawal. This is because some machine can withheld your card if the balance is lower than your transaction. Also, checking of balance or performing a failed transaction will debit you $1 per transaction. By the way, you can OPEN AN ACCOUNT NOW.

Payoneer funds withdrawal to Bank Account

Payoneer also offer withdrawal to your local bank account. This is very good option for those who receive quite a lot of money because of stress. Payoneer charge flat rate of $15 to wire any amount you withdraw to any back account in the world.

For some country, it is smarter to open a USD account to receive your money if you do not want your bank to automatically converts your money to your local currency. I personally make use of USD account for withdrawal to my bank account in my home country.

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