Choosing What to Wear To The Beach

Choosing What to Wear To The Beach 5
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Fashion is essential when it comes to attending events, going on picnics, the movies, to the office, school or church. It is not necessary to wear the flashy clothes for each category, especially if one is more casual than the other. Now, deciding what to wear to the beach is not as straightforward as people think it is.

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Many people assume one needs to wear short outfits to the beach because ‘it is a ritual’; rather, mainly light clothes should be worn. In addition, the kinds of clothes to be worn should be based on material, style and weather (of course, some people go to the beach during the cold weather, especially in Nigeria).

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The kinds of materials to be worn to the beach should be light material. A chiffon dress would serve as a great ‘wear-to-the-beach’ outfit. This is to ensure that the heat does not get so intense in one’s body. Silk material is especially better for those who intend to swim while at the beach. This is also the material used to produce many bikinis and swimsuits. Cotton can be worn in fewer cases, especially when people just have a picnic at the beach. Many of these light materials are also to ensure that as soon as you’re done swimming, or practically at the bank of the sea, the sand does not go into your attire and get stored easily. With light material of clothes, the sand can easily escape.

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The styles to be worn at the beach include very vintage and refined styles. Guys could wear vintage shirts or polo T-shirts, ladies could wear sleeveless blouses or crop tops. For the bottoms, guys SHOULD wear shorts, basically three-quarter or knee-length. Their swim wears could be worn under these shorts. Ladies could wear short skirts, but for easy movement around the beach, especially while you having fun running or riding a horse, shorts, leggings, palazzo trousers or bum shorts would be more convenient. In fact, the latter are more like the ‘beach thing’.


It baffles a lot of people why other people wear sneakers to the beach. Of course, many people get disgusted by the sand and all that, but to ensure a better ‘beach fashion’, slippers or sandals are more preferable. Also, one should not wear leather material to the beach for any reason, be it footwear or even wristwatches. This is to ensure the water does not damage your property. Rubber slippers and sandals are the best for any beach outing. As soon as the water gets in, it escapes, instead of penetrating, thereby destroying the object, as is the case of leather footwears.


Ladies! Bum shorts should not be jean material if you need to swim. If it is simply a picnic at the beach, or a pre-swim wear, a jean bum shot could do. But if you are going to swim, never use the bum shorts made of jean material.

I saw a lady recently at the beach, and as soon as the sand from the water got into her shorts, it accumulated, got heavy and dragged her shorts down. It was a good thing she noticed on time. Who knows what would have happened if she was carried away by the fun?

Also, for the cold weather, you could still wear all the aforementioned to retain the ‘beach fashion’, but the addition of a sweater or any other attire that can prevent the cold from getting to you could be worn alongside your beach outfit.

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