10 Beauty Products Every Girl Needs

Beauty, they say, lies in the eyes of the beholder, and this beauty comes from our appearance. Every girl is beautiful, a wonder to behold, but this beauty must be looked after. Adequate body care highlights the perfection of our creator’s artistic work in us.

women beauty products

Regardless of the many trending beauty products in the market, there exist some essentials which every girl must possess, that is, if you actually love to look good. And who wouldn’t want to? After all, looking good is good business. It boosts self-confidence and esteem. You could even land your dream job just by looking good. Here are the basics every girl needs to have.

1) Skin Moisturizer

Moisturizers, like lotions, keep your skin looking fresh and healthy, taking away the ashiness. Those containing shea butter are preferred because they even take care of scars.

2) Deodorant/ Antiperspirant

This is totally a yes-yes. Armpit hairs trap bacteria which combines with heat and sweat from perspiration, giving off an unpleasant odor. You don’t need to make people around you uncomfortable. This problem can easily be taken care of by a deodorant, antiperspirant, or a combination of both. It also helps your armpits look well after shaving, so you can comfortably wear those sleeveless dresses. When you smell good, you feel good!

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3) Foundation

Just as the name implies, your foundation is essential. Every sturdy house built, is made on the right foundation. Foundation fills up any pore and covers blemishes and spots, giving you a good base to apply other makeup. If you have an oily face, then you totally need to keep off oily foundations. Foundations also have to be applied appropriately to avoid a ‘caked up’ look.

4) Eyeliner

Your eyeliner, whether liquid or solid, is important to giving you that face lift. The eyes are the light of the body, and when lined with black, become prominent and attracts people to you. Your eyeliner draws people to your face because your eyes communicate first before any other part of your body.

5) Powder

Using a powder that is lighter or darker than your skin color is disastrous, and can frustrate your efforts. The secret is getting a powder with the right color and texture that suits your skin. A powder with oil control is highly recommended, especially for those with oily skin.

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6) Lip Balm/ Gloss

Lip balm helps to moisturize your lips to avoid chapping. It also provides an even lip texture when blending your lipstick.

7) Lipstick

Lipsticks come in various colors and textures, but you don’t want to use a glossy lipstick when you have a slightly wide mouth. Matte lipsticks make your lips look smaller and so you don’t have to worry about your lip size. Also ensure that your lipstick color matches your skin tone, as people tend to look at your lip more.

8) Face Wipes

This is very essential to skin care. Makeup shouldn’t be left on the face if not in use, as it clogs the skin pores and prevents the skin from receiving air. This hinders exfoliation, which is necessary for the skin to look bright and fresh. Face wipes are used to remove makeup before washing the face.

9) Perfume

In addition to your deodorant, your perfume tells about you even before people see you. It simply boosts your self-esteem.

10) Hair Oil/Cream

To give a good finishing to your appearance, your hair needs to look good. Applying hair cream/oil prevents hair breakage, also giving it that radiance you need.

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