7 Items Every Traveler Must Have

7 Items Every Traveler Must Have 5
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No one ever wants to be in that position of being so helpless even with the little things they can afford while preparing for a trip. Therefore, I will share with you seven basic things every traveler should have while traveling.

  1. A Backpack

For most people like me, who feel luggage is a lot of work and like their comfort, they can just back the things they need for their trip and they’re good to go. Having a Backpack while traveling means free movement:

  • Being able to struggle in a bus as quickly as possible.
  • Not having any responsibility to worry about. When I am with my Backpack I feel less weight on me.

In case of any emergency that requires you running for your life, people with luggage will easily leave theirs behind, but you can still run with your backpack and not lose your things.

  1. A Blanket

Cold is something people are afraid to catch, because it comes with so many discomfort. In order to avoid it, you will need something to keep you warm, like something foldable that would fit into your backpack without taking much of the space.

  1. First Aid Kit

You could get hurt or injured, some could be severe and some minor, you will need some sought of treatment to ease the pain. What if you are traveling to a place where you will find no hospital, the First Aid would be a life saver at that moment.

  1. Bug/Mosquito Protection

I so much dread the bites of those tiny creatures. If you agree then you need a protection e.g. mosquito net, insecticides, body protection etc. The little creatures will have no choice but to find another prey.

  1. Hat/Sunglass

This is basically for the sun. Those that have felt the bite of the afternoon sun you will agree I am making some sense. Don’t go falling sick while you can prevent it.

  1. Water Bottle

Water is a necessity and life to every man including every traveler who wants to survive. Save yourself the stress of looking for water in an unknown island if that’s your destination. Though we are in the 21st century, it is not every places you travel to that you’ll find clean, safe water to drink. You will need a water bottle filled up with water to quench that thirst.

  1. Phone

For people like me who hate boredom, you will need a phone with other gadgets to keep yourself alive. But in cases whereby it’s a place with no electricity then you need to get prepared by having more than one battery or a strong power bank.

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With these seven items mentioned, be sure your journey will be fulfilled. Preparation is very essential if you want to get comfortable, being helpless will only mean you are not organized and there are so many ugly situations involved with traveling that would surface.

So you should put on your boxing gloves and fight every obstacle that says you shouldn’t have a fun trip.

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