Nightmarish Reality: Don’t Dream Away Your Reality

I am pretty sure I am weird, but I don’t know if you have ever felt like the real world is a nightmarish reality? So much that you just want to live inside your head and escape the reality. Have you ever felt the world don’t work like the way we paint it? I and a friend had united our dream and seems like its settled. But, you know, reality struck.

nightmarish reality dream

Remember you might have to wake up one day.
No matter how nightmarish the real world is.
Do not dream your life away.
And do not let your dream elude you.

I might have placed many people where they don’t belong.
I might have paused my dream waiting for others to fulfill theirs.

In my dream of a better life.
The dream of a brighter world.
Where I dreamt of a painless world.
Where I have felt save the most.
But the nightmarish reality dawn on me.

Life passes by too quick and it changes fast.
Some says my dreams can’t work.
I totally disagree since it mine.

We say we had become a doctor by now.
But the drugs get you stuck.
May be you are still dreaming in there.
I wish you come out and live again.
This world has really gone past where you last known.

Ultimately, I will also not be a doctor
Its a nightmarish reality.
I already wake up and see myself in my other dream
So, I keep dreaming and living my dream
while the reality keep doing its things
Its me against the tide
No matter how much the tide speeds.

To all the dreamers out there,
Charging on with the nightmarish reality,
Keep your dream but don’t dream away reality.
I am EKIAA – I am just here to help.

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The real big brother, Boda Wale, I share things I hear, see, know, or imagine. Web/App developer at EKIAA.COM. An award winning bathroom dancer, Popsy Temileyi Zoe (by God's grace).

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