6 Best Drink When You Are Trying To Quit Sugar

6 Best Drink When You Are Trying To Quit Sugar 5
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It is already stale news that sugar is extremely harmful to your health. Apart from the fact that a regular sugar intake increases your chances of diabetes, it also increases your risk of being obese. Oh! yeah, it does.

best drink to quit sugar

Recent research has also shown that the more a person ingests sugar, the higher the risk of dying of a heart disease such a person has. In addition, increased sugar content in the body affects your blood glucose levels. When the blood glucose levels becomes affected negatively, the problem of abnormal brain function may occur. That’s the reason why anytime you have a sugar rush, you are highly irritable or tired afterwards. In fact, sugar is capable of making you age quickly. And that’s pretty scary, right?

Therefore, it is important to cut down on the amount of sugar you ingest into your body system. Anyway, here are some pretty amazing drinks that will help you manage your sugar cravings effectively.

The honey tea

To be successful in achieving your goal, honey is your best and safest substitute. Though not all drinks taste well when honey is added but if you are a tea person, you have nothing to worry about.

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Honey tastes excellent in other teas too such as the Tai tea latte and even your ice tea. It affords you almost the same taste if not more than sugar does. So get ready to experience a better taste with no worries.

Fruit juices

There’s nothing as refreshing as a cold glass of blended fruits with no sugar concentrates or preservatives.  With your fruit juice, you can be sure of nothing less than the pure wholeness that nature offers without sweeteners or artificial colors.

When you crave a soda or a diet coke which probably contains 150 calories and 40 grams of sugar, quickly mix yourself a rich blend of fruits and you are good to go!


As boring as this sounds, it is still the best drink as far as your thirst is concerned. If the taste is too dull for you, feel free to add a little lemon or a slice of cucumber to give it that different taste you desire.

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Herbal tea

If your sugar cravings are caused by stress or insomnia and you need a tea blend that enhances your relaxation and helps you sleep better, then you should always take strong teas such as peppermint and ginger without the additional sugar.


Kombucha is a light effervescent drink, mostly taken after a long period of fermentation. It has a slightly sweet taste and it is most helpful to those who have a habit of drinking diet drinks. People believe this drink have the ability to enhance recovery, especially in patients with typhoid.

Yogurt-fruit smoothie

Instead of going for a usual milkshake that contains so many grams of sugar, why not blend fresh unsweetened yogurt with bananas or straw-berries. It guarantees the same satisfaction.

Deciding to quit taking sugar may be challenging, but it is possible and worth trying. You can take any of the drinks mentioned in this post in place of sugar soft drinks.

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