5 Great Honeymoon Destinations in Africa

I love adventure, but I am yet to show my love for adventure in writing or pictures. I have traveled to 4 countries in just 2 weeks without a single picture of myself. However, it has dawn on me to share from those aspects too. I think we will love it.

great honeymoon destinations

My debut article on adventure will not be to showcase a culture or lifestyle as the title suggests. I will be writing on some nice places to enjoy honeymoon in Africa including my home country. So, below are my 5 pick destinations to enjoy your honeymoon for new couples or couples just on vacation.

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Great Honeymoon Places in Africa

P.S. This list is not about rating or ranking but just from my experience and findings.
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1. Marrakesh, Morocco

In an extensive maze of markets that naturally looks like a movie set. Your honeymoon is set to lit when you find yourself among belly dancers, snake charmers and horse-drawn carriages. You might want to consider staying at the hotel with the Atlas mountain view. You might, however, be budgeting about $450 a night at the Selman Marrakech.

This is a destination that fashion designers and Rock stars visit for inspiration. Hence a perfect destination for love birds. Also, make sure you visit Yves Saint Laurent’s former home and gardens. And make a long stop at the Galerie “Love”. I need not say more than that. I can imagine the adventure you’re having on your honeymoon already.

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2. Cape Town, South Africa

One of the world best safaris, glamorous beaches, wild landscapes and her big-city buzz should encourage you in considering your South Africa honeymoon.

If you want an “is this real life?” view, the secluded Atlantic House is the place to stay. Its even lesser than $150 budget with a perfect privacy for your romantic adventure.

You and your sweetie should visit the ends of the planet. Also, make sure to reach Boulders Beach to visit the famed colony of warm-weather penguins. Ultimately, you would have had an unforgettable romantic adventure.

3. Namibia

Hold on, take a moment to imagine sleeping under the stars on a red desert surrounded by vast mountain range. Now, you can do that in Namibia in real life. A breath-taking scenery awaits you while quad biking or hiking.

4. Lagos, Nigeria

And, now, its Lagos! That very stressful city have its beautiful ways to make you forget all the stress it can bring to you. With a very buzzing city life comes some amazing resorts where you can create a memory you can not easily erase. The glamorous beaches, the ocean views, the cinemas, that parks, the gardens, and on and on. One of the best night life there is in Africa. Oh! The Museums and galleries. Thus, makes it one of good destinations for honeymoon in Africa.

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5. Elmina, Ghana

Some people say they had the holiday of their lifetime in Ghana. But then, they might have had the best of their vacation experience in the Gold Coast. Albeit, with the help of Guides. In a country around the size of the western Nigeria full of fun and beautiful scenery.

However, whatever you do in Ghana, just make sure to visit Elmina. It is filled with quite number of resorts and castles. Make it a top priority to visit Cape Coast Castle and Elmina Castle. Both castles are declared as  UNESCO heritage sites. Kakum National park is where you will regret not visiting on the long run. The park with forest that house rare butterflies and birds among other wildlife.

Its undisturbed virgin rainforest have the longest and highest canopy walkway in West Africa.


In conclusion,  as stated earlier, the list is not motivated by ratings or rank whatsoever. You are free to suggest places and I might want to go visit the place too. You can also write and submit an article on your adventure and get paid for doing so. These are just where I personally know to spice up my honeymoon in the near future.[/read]

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