7 Countries Nigerians Can Visit without Visa

7 Countries Nigerians Can Visit without Visa 5
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Hello traveler or adventurer! I have some good news for you! Are you looking for a country to visit to catch fun without going to queue to get visa?Are you tired of always struggling to get visa whenever you desire to just travel and have fun? Have your attempts to get visa being frustrating and fruitless?

countries nigerians can travel without visa

Nigerian Visa Free Countries

Then the list below is for you! As long as you have your Nigerian International Passport, you can travel to the countries mentioned below and have the best of travel experience:

1) Tanzania

Upon arrival in Tanzania, Nigerians get visa at entry point. Tanzania boasts of the highest mountain in Africa as well as the largest and deepest lakes in Africa. In Tanzania, there are a lot to see. You may tour the Mount Kilimanjaro, the wildlife, culture, most especially of the Maasai people,  and the great Zanzibar, where you can have idyllic beach experiences.

2) Kenya

We all know that if you want to experience the best of wildlife, Kenya is one of the best options. Interestingly, Nigerians have access to 90 days free visa entry into Kenya. There are a lot of things to do in Kenya such as exploring the wild safari or engaging in  fun activities like snorkeling.

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3) Cambodia

Nigerians get a 30 days visa upon arrival at the major airports in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap in Cambodia. If you are a looking for a country with exciting beach experience, Cambodia is the right destination for you.

4) Dominica

Dominica is a mountainous Caribbean island with tropical rain-forests, lakes, rivers, steamy hot springs, and waterfalls. This country offers Nigerians free entry Visa for 21 days. Dominica is really a must-see destination for tourists, lovers and adventurers.

5) Mauritius

Upon arrival into Mauritius, Nigerians get a visa free entry for 90 days. Mauritius, an English / French-speaking country has a tropical climate, which is very accommodating. You will be fascinated by the clear, warm sea waters and beaches. You can participate in fun activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving.

6) Barbados

We all know Rihanna, the pop star, right? Yeah! She is from Barbados. Nigerians get six months visa free stay upon arrival to Barbados. In Barbados, you can visit about 60 amazing beaches and a lot of restaurants with amazing cuisines. You can also visit Barbados if you are interested in an affordable shopping spree. In Bridgetown, Barbados’ capital city, you will find a lot of exotic jewelery shops and even small boutiques, where you can shop as much as you desire.

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7) Cape Verde

Do you still remember an interesting wedding that happened a few years back between a former governor of Edo and a Cape Verdean beauty?  Cape Verde promises a lot of beautiful and exciting things. The good news is that the country offers Nigerians visa free entry. Cape Verde is a center of tourist attraction.


Now pick a destination that you think you would find very interesting, pack your bags and get on plane to your desired destination. The countries are opened to you to explore and have the best of travel experience.

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