2018 Reading Habits For Folks With Busy Schedules

2018 Reading Habits For Folks With Busy Schedules 5
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reading habits for busy

Reading has over the years become something stressful for a lot of people. In fact, the most affected are the people with busy lives. Here are some ways to getting yourself engaged in reading this year.

Read a book before going to bed

Reading a book, usually fiction or an enjoyable non-fiction is a proven way to relax. It also helps to put the day behind you and help prepare you for a good night’s sleep. In the same way, you can make it a habit to read a few pages first thing in the morning, Also, you can read a chapter after lunch, while you are digesting food and getting ready for a productive work time in the afternoon.

Join book peers

Find people in your community or an online community who are reading the same book as you. This way, it can help you move forward in your reading. Also, it helps you going with conversations and discussions about the book which will help in getting you more interested in reading the next chapter?

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Read digitally on all your mobile devices

If you enjoy reading digitally, make sure you have a reader app on all your mobile devices. This will make you read whenever you have free moments. Also, make your books synced to your smartphone so you can read them anywhere. For instance, while waiting in line in the bank, while you’re taking a break during the day or while someone is cleaning your office. This will help you keep up with reading here and there all day. By doing so, you can check back on your e-reader at the end of the day. Then, you will see that you have easily read 20 pages by just reading bit by bit.

Track your progress online

There are so many websites you can use to track your reading process throughout the year. Most people prefer GoodReads. This online account helps you keep an overview of books you are currently reading and tracks your progress in these books. This, in the end, helps you focus on your reading. Moreover, you can keep tracks of the books you will like to read later on. As well, you can add reviews of the books you have read. Also, many of sites like this make recommendations based on the books you’ve read and enjoyed.

Stop reading random news articles

If you would like to have more time to read more books, its best to cut down on other activities. One of these activities includes reading random articles shared on social media platforms. Rather replace this time by reading a more in-depth analysis of the books that you are working on.

Be part of a reading challenge

You can be part of a reading team that challenges themselves to read a particular number of books yearly or monthly. To challenge yourself, set the limit above what you expect to read during the set time frame. This can do a lot to hold yourself accountable and motivate you to reach your goal. You would be amazed at how much reading you can do in a year.

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