BlackBerry Whatsapp Messenger with Latest Features

BlackBerry Whatsapp Messenger with Latest Features 1
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Whatsapp Messenger has suddenly become an unending nightmare for BlackBerry’s loyal fan. BlackBerry Whatsapp Messenger is not available for most blackberry. Unless you have some fortune to put on latest models, albeit, few. However, not with full features like video calling, text status updates etc.

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Latest BlackBerry Whatsapp Messenger

The good news is that all BB10 users can use BlackBerry Whatsapp Messenger in its all new features. Yeah! You read that clearly.

The idea is using the latest Whatsapp Messenger released for android devices. It most noteworthy that Blackerry’s BB10 can run android applications comfortably. However, depends on your phone speed or available memory.

WhatsApp Messenger version 2.17.323 release notes

  1. Now you can post text-only updates to your status and they’ll be visible for 24 hours. Just tap the pencil icon in the Status tab, type what you’d like, and pick a background color or font of your choice.
  2. When in a video call, you can tap back to continue the video call in picture-in-picture mode (Android 8.0+).
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Future Concern on Updates

Whatsapp version usually becomes obsolete around 3 months of a newer version release. But there is really nothing to worry about. Simply come back to this page and download. Its also good to note that you will not lose your chat history or media when updating between version.

P.S: I will personally test the newer version to be sure its working perfectly before updating it here. So, maximum of 1 week will be sufficient to get latest version.

What to do to get Latest full featured BlackBerry Whatsapp Messenger

  1. Back up your chats. Go to WhatsApp > Application Menu > Settings > Media settings > Backup conversations.
  2. Copy the backup folder on the folder “…misc/whatsapp/backup” from your phone to the SD CARD.
  3. Uninstall: This is not compulsory expecially, if you want to be using different numbers in the two whatsapp. If you are planning to use the same number, uninstall first.
  4. Free up some space on your SD CARD for Whatsapp DATA. Having 300MB of free storage is good way to go. Also remove unused app(s) in case your phone has a low RAM.
  5. You can now Download the latest version below.
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Download full featured BlackBerry Whatsapp Messenger

GBWhatsapp Messenger
GBWhatsapp Messenger

GBWhatsApp comes with awesome features and greater privacy than the original WhatsApp. Created by Alex.

Size: 52 MB
Version: 8.25

Now, install the application from the APK file you downloaded.
PS: Move the chat backup folder you copied from #2 above to the new whatsapp folder on your SD CARD.


  1. Make sure you have enough space on your Media/SD Card.
  2. If you install but it complains about rooting, then you need to read this article to learn how to UNROOT ANDROID.

I am always open to comments or inquiries. You know what to do.

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