Choosing The Right Tie For Your Shirt

Choosing The Right Tie For Your Shirt 5
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right tie for your shirt

Everyone loves to look good. Choosing the right tie for your shirt is of great importance if you plan to stand out. The right tie will give a finishing elegance to your shirt or suit.

It is no news that some men are confused on the right tie to select for their shirts. If you are among such men, then you have to finish reading this post. There are four (4) main factors to consider when making the decision on the right tie to choose:

Factors to Consider in Choosing Right Tie


Ensure there is a balance between your tie’s width and length and your body size. A wider than average tie is suitable for a hefty man with big suits and a wide front. The tie should be wide and long enough to reach his belt buckle. A petite man, however, will look good wearing a smaller tie that is neither wide in width nor long in length. An Average-sized man can go for a tie ranging from 3 to 3.75 inches in width.


No colour can be said to be exactly perfect with any given outfit. However, a man’s intention as well as his complexion colour are major determinants for choosing a tie colour to select.

For a soft but sophisticated appearance, you may go for a semi-solid and lightly patterned blue and green ties with a blue-coloured shirt. But if you intend to be the centre of attraction, a bold red tie on a light coloured shirt is suitable for you. The red tie is generally referred to as the “power tie” because of its ability to attract attention towards the person wearing it.

Based on one’s complexion, ties with light and unicolor colour combinations are suitable for men with fair skin and light coloured hair. However, ties with colour combinations of high contrast are suitable for men with light skin and dark hair. As a man with medium to dark-coloured skin and dark hair, you can go for both low as well as high-contrast tie and shirt combinations.

No matter what, ensure you go for ties with complimentary colours. Completely avoid ties that violate basic combination guidelines. You can always take a shirt from your wardrobe and experiment with various shades of ties until you find a suitable and appealing tie to wear.


To choose a patterned tie, always ensure there is no colour clash on the colour pattern of the tie. Aside from that, the pattern of the tie should not clash with the pattern on your shirt.

Always ensure the pattern of your tie is not the same pattern with your shirt. A thin-striped tie is not appropriate for a thin-striped shirt. Instead, such a shirt should be accompanied with a polka dot, solid, or even thick regimental striped tie. Anyway, it is easy to wear a patterned tie if your shirt is pattern-less.


This is the ultimate factor. In fact, your shirt is a major determinant in choosing what tie colour and pattern to wear. So always ensure your tie fits your shirt!

Final Note

Generally, white shirts are suitable for almost all colours or patterns of tie. Light blue shirts, like white shirts, are also appropriate for almost any colour or pattern of tie. Shirts with off-white or light colours embrace almost any colour or pattern of tie as well. Nevertheless, always ensure that the colour or pattern of your shirt can be differentiated from the colour or pattern of your shirt.

Remember it looks good to look good. Choosing and wearing the right tie for your shirt is a good way to not just look good, but to look better.

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