How To Wear A Pocket Square

How To Wear A Pocket Square 5
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Background of Pocket Square

The art of wearing a pocket square is an ancient one. The history of the pocket square can be traced to the prehistoric Greeks. As early as 500 BC, those of the Greek upper class had perfumed hankies, which they carried around. English and French aristocrats also had perfumed and weaved hankies, which they often used for covering their noses from the unpleasant smell of the streets and other individuals. From 1990, it became a common sight for a classic gentleman to have always a pocket square tucked smoothly into his breast pocket. Thus, there is something classic about the pocket square even in the present day.

Importance of Pocket Square

Although it appears to be a small accessory, the pocket square is a strong expression of style. It adds panache to a man’s suit or jacket. It gives that elegance that everyone will admire. If you desire to add nice colour and more live to suit, shirt, and tie, then you need a pocket square and you need to wear it well.  Below are four (4) simple but classic ways to wear a pocket square:


The Straight Fold is the most straightforward way to way a pocket square. It is fresh, clean, and exquisite. It appears in a single horizontal band of fabric parallel to the top point of the breast pocket. Go for it when you want to show maximum formality and modesty. Follow these step to fold it:

First step: Lay your pocket square completely flat.
Second Step: Fold the left side towards the right side to form a complete rectangle
Third Step: Pull the bottom edge towards the top edge, however, don’t fold it all the way.
Fourth Step: Tuck the folded-up bottom edge into your breast pocket. Modify as required to make a single smooth strip of visible cloth running over the top of the pocket. There ought to be no obvious overlap between edges of the square in this fold.


This fits just right for a professional outlook, yet sufficiently casual to wear with an easy-going suit or jacket. It is a superb way to wear a pocket square. With the one corner crease, you’ll have a little pinnacle of texture turning out your pocket. Here’s the way to crease it:

Step 1: Lay your pocket square completely unfurled and flat on a levelled surface.
Step 2: Furl the triangle just a little off the centre in a way that it creates two pointed angles slightly away from each other. Adjust to preferred proximity.
Step 3: Fold the two edges of the base of the triangle inwards.
Step 4: Adjust the fold to fit the size of the jacket pocket. Fold all edges carefully to make them equal and also paying attention to see that all other diagonals are equal too.
Step 5: By now, your square fold should be a rectangle the size of your jacket pocket, with two pointed side-by-side angles pointing upwards.
Step 6: Insert the rectangular base edge into your coat’s pocket, concealing the rectangular edges and revealing only the triangles pointing straight up. Modify until you get your desired amount of the triangles out of the pocket as wide apart or close as you want it.


Another beautiful way to wear a pocket square is the scallop fold. An adjusted, beautiful crease with a delicate, natural shape, this is mainstream at weddings and different social events. It looks great in polished, bright materials, and is not especially formal.

Step 1: Begin with the square completely unfurled on a flat surface.
Step 2: Fold the square diagonally into two equal halves, to form a two-layered triangle.
Step 3: Fold the triangle into two equal halves again, thereby, forming a smaller four-layered triangle.
Step 4: Lifting the square, tenderly twist one of the multiplied corners in and out. Try not to overlap it or wrinkle it — simply twist it inside, at a touch of an edge. The bend you’re making will be obvious when you tuck the square into your pocket.
Step 5: Repeat the procedure for the other corner. Twist it in and out, laying it on the principal corner you internal. The pinnacle of the triangle should in any case be untouched, yet the best side ought to be bent into a fractional channel shape.
Step 6: Slide the triangular point down into your jacket pocket. Continue tucking the completed overlay until just the highest points of the bends you framed are hidden away. They should lay conveniently one on the other, framing an adjusted, scalloped shape with all pointed and straight edges covered up. This is a natural shape, so it permissible of some uneveness. Don’t bother yourself if there’s a touch of partition between edges on the scalloped arms. It is part of the style to be fluid and spontaneous. So far you don’t have one corner flying out of the pocket, it’ll look just perfect.


The Puff Fold is most likely the least difficult of the folds, aside being a fun way to wear a pocket square. The square crease and the different point folds are for the most part solidly geometric. They have straight edges and sharp, plainly characterized edges. The puff crease is the most widely recognized style that splits far from this model: it has a delicate, natural shape, described by roundness and even wrinkles. The coveted outcome is to have a little puff of texture turning out your suit stash. Wear it when a specific insouciance is called for. It is not formal, but rather it is assuredly in vogue. What’s more, while it can appear to be casual, its qualifications are immaculate: Winston Churchill was a puff crease man, particularly in polka specks. Here’s the manner by which to crease it.

Step 1: Flatten the pocket square on a levelled surface.
Step 2: Squeeze the centre of the texture, and let the edges fall below.
Step 3: Steadily hold the pocket square, on the one hand, utilize your other hand to carefully hold it together such that it is equal on all sides, creating a loose tube shape with the pocket square.
Step 4: Gently gather the base of the pocket square until the collapsed square is sufficiently short to be inserted into your jacket pocket, revealing the sphere caused by the initial pinching in the middle of the fabric.
Step 5: Insert it in your pocket. Modify it till you make it as puffy as you desire. Puff folds unavoidably have little wrinkles and dimples in them, which adds to the appeal and style. Puffy, spontaneous, and classic!


Pocket squares look good on you. Try not to leave your suit stripped. Always wear a pocket square with your suit or jacket. The option of a pocket square adds some completing panache to a decent suit. In this way, the primary rule of pocket square use is to dependably wear one when you wear a suit or jacket. It just looks better.

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