Why You Should Eat More Tomatoes Daily

Why You Should Eat More Tomatoes Daily 5
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Antioxidants properties

Eating tomatoes is a good way to acquire beta-carotene and vitamins into your body system. These serve as antioxidant. And don’t forget that antioxidants help to neutralize the deadly effects of radicals in the bloodstream.

Healthy Heart

Tomatoes contain potassium, folate, vitamin B and niacin. All these nutrients help to lower the cholesterol level of the body. They also help to lower blood pressure. This means that eating tomatoes will make you have a strong, health heart. As a result, you will have lower risk of heart attack and any heart related disease.

Stronger Bones

Eating a lot of tomatoes makes you to have a high amount of vitamin K, which is essential for strengthening the bones, repairing bone tissues, and forming new bone material. Lycopene, available in tomatoes, triggers osteoblasts, which help to synthesize and deposit bone matrix. Tomatoes also has magnesium, which aids in bone formation and new cell regeneration. Continue Next Page by clicking NEXT below

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